map editor anyone?

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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#11
I'd love a PC map maker to go with it, and maps you can load off of SD cards for local play, but I think I'm dreaming with that. I doubt Nintendo would allow it, and even if they did, I don't think HVS would want to put anything that had any control over customisation of their tech in the hands of the consumer. They're quite protective of it, which is understandable, since that's their biggest card right now, and will probably remain so for a long time, and seeing as how they're a very new and very small developer, they can't afford to lose it.
It's not like Epic Games, where they have so much money from licensing that they can literally give their games away for free, and take donations from people who want fancy disks and official servers.
(And yes, they did openly allow piracy of Unreal Tournament 3, up to and including listed cracked servers, simply because the game was that pwnsome and they already made their money just from benchmarking buys. And they make more money from showing the engine off and making it popular than from selling games. I love you Epic. You guys are rawk. )
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User Info: guttertalk

7 years ago#12
As a gamer, I'd love to see a map editor. I think any way that a dev can help keep a game fresh is good. And it would lighten the dev load to provide maps, especially if publishing/sharing them is easy.

But I see a couple of problems that makes it unlikely. One is that it could introduce another means for hacking. Second, it's a bit more to develop beyond the editor. I could well be wrong, but how many 360 FPS games besides Halo have map editors? Far Cry 2 is all that comes to mind.

User Info: Baines

7 years ago#13
I would hesitate to credit Halo with a map editor. It is more an advanced weapon/vehicle assignment system. You can only place and remove objects, not change the stage layout itself.

Including a map maker in a console FPS does appear to be a feature that was abandoned with this generation. Every game I can think of with a map maker was in the Xbox1 generation. (Timesplitters franchise, Far Cry, Pariah supposedly...)

It probably has to do with consoles pretty much getting PC FPS these days, as well as the increased focus on graphics. There isn't the drive to add such features to a console FPS, not when it will always pale versus what can be done on a PC FPS. And there certainly isn't the incentive to sacrifice graphics in order to allow the player to cobble together their own maps. Rather, the incentive is to push things from a developer side to improve graphics as much as possible. And then there is the DLC issue. Why should a company make it easy for players to create "real" maps (rather than just make minor modifications to existing ones, if that much) when they can make more money selling additional map packs after a game is released?
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User Info: stufa1978

7 years ago#14
Time Splitters were awsome.

TS future Perfect near perfection.
I loved making levels and including jeeps. Ah the fun running folk over.

Lets not forget TS continued the N64 Perfect Dark engine to glory.
What about Far Cry's editors?
You could make near Halo like maps on that.

I'm fine if C2 doesn't support it.
But I do think games that offer customisation hold the keys to success. Look at the wrestling games.
I don't think they'd do nearly as well if they didn't have create modes.

There's that Hastings Paintball game coming soon. I think that has a level editor.
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