The Failproof Way to Prevent Hacking!

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7 years ago#41
You are the one that failed to provide a valid reason for me to do so.

I explained why I did not need to, and you did not argue with my reasoning.
Either you must agree, or you are simply choosing to ignore it.

Either way, your argument is finished, because you just proved my reasoning correct.
by ignoring this
"Even if I DID make a perfect argument as to why your logic is flawed, what would your response be?
You would just pull another argument out of your butt as to why that is not correct, and I would have to then have to explain why that logic was flawed as well."
You are basically doing exactly what I said you would do.

Your argument is in shambles, I have no reason to address you any longer.

User Info: The_Shader

7 years ago#42
Everyone took their anti-troll shots yesterday and now they can **** up trolls all they want without worry xD
Sparkster returns after 16 years in..... "Rocket Knight"
The Conduit= 5113-1194-6759 Name= Shader
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