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User Info: frogman_295

7 years ago#1
Are you guys attempting to make the online any smoother this time around? I know Nintendo doesn't have the best online setup, but I have comcast and still frequently faced a lot of teleporting issues. This became a hassle trying to keep someone in my crosshairs, only to have them instantly shift over 3 feet or so to the side. Also, there were some issues with other players running through walls and teleporting through stairs. So basically, I am just wondering if the final product of Conduit 2 will run smoother online and be less "jumpy". Thanks for your time.

User Info: articshard

7 years ago#2
they're working on it
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User Info: ScottTheRockGod

7 years ago#3
What a pointless question... yeah they'll be improving everything so why wouldnt they improve the online?
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User Info: paranoid71

7 years ago#4
Ever listened to K-Billy's Super Sounds of the 70's?
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User Info: eddystolemyname

7 years ago#5
stupid topic

User Info: frogman_295

7 years ago#6
"stupid topic"
How kind of you...

I know they are aiming to improve everything. I just want to know if it's possible to have a smooth online with the Wii's limitations, especially with the visual overhaul the game is getting. I am legitimately concerned with this.

User Info: legendarylemur

7 years ago#7
HVSTony isn't your army you know.

User Info: Valdimir_Drega

7 years ago#8
It's not getting an overhaul. It's the same engine, it just has a few improvements, new features, and optimizations added. In addition C2's productions values are likely greater than those of the first game, and what's especially good about that is that most of the budget won't be going into the engine like in C1.

People seem to think that C1 was supposed to be the Wii's absolute technical pinnacle, and that's really not true. There is still room for improvement. C1's iso-file was also barely 1/3 the size of the maximum 8.4 gigs. C2 has more than enough room to improve everything with compromise to nothing. There's really no need to worry about whether this is going to be a solid game or not.
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