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User Info: Fox_Rox23

7 years ago#1
why does everyone, well not everyone i guess, but most people have to try to make a topic with an idea that hasn't fully been thought through and just post it. also whatever you post will probably not change what is going to be in the game so i ask you to be patient and wait and see. let it be a surprise, just because you want answers doesn't mean you need them. On another note what are your thought on cheese-whiz and crackers for the food?
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User Info: MicroOmegaMan

7 years ago#2
Cheeze whiz is nasty. Same for Cheez-itz.

I prefer my cheese by the slice, or in dust form.
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#3
Ultimately, it's up to HVS to implement any ideas they think should be in the game, and therefore, it's entirely up to them how they're implemented, which is what makes the most difference anyway.
There's no harm in sharing a good idea, and overthinking it just makes it harder to implement with the present mechanics.
Also, I think most people realise, or at least should realise, that most ideas here won't make it into this game, but the important thing is, like with the first The Conduit, HVS is listening to it's fans. In the fist game, people demanded splitscreen, vehicles, and various other things. In the sequel, the HVS staff implemented splitscreen at the request of the fans, and has thought about vehicles and why they would or wouldn't work, and is doing their best to make a game that everyone will like.

Conduit 2 will be Conduit 2, but Conduit 3 just might be Conduit 3.
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User Info: GenericComments

7 years ago#4
I agree 9001% with your first statement.

I usually prefer cheese and crackers but cheese combined with crackers I do not like as much.
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User Info: GenericComments

7 years ago#5
*referring to topic creator*
I'm not changing this Sig until Resident Feeble...4 gets an update.

User Info: MyIronLungX

7 years ago#6
Cheez-wiz is disgusting. :P

User Info: forgot_it

7 years ago#7
It doesn't help that people will never be completely satisfied. I'm also not really a Cheez-Whiz person.
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