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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#21
This game already has enemy AI "bots" for the invasion mode.
And Unreal came out in what, '98? Not 2002. But it's unreal. That's just what Unreal does. It pioneered professional level bots in multiplayer.
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User Info: goldenlink64

7 years ago#22
"No. Bots are a no go. Too much time for too little payoff."

You have absolutely NO idea how many months I have spent on Perfect Dark and Timesplitters with Bots. As a dial-up user, I don't have easy access to online gameplay which forces me to rely on what offline content the developers have left.
This is 2010! Perfect Dark should have set the standard of having Bots and the amount of customibility it had.

Sure, Timesplitters Future Perfect didn't have the smartest A.I. but ya know, at least me and my friends had something to shoot rather than walk around for 10 minutes on a huge map, get a kill every once in a while and then respawn. If Nintendo isn't allowing for Split-Screen Online, bots are the next best solution.

For Instance, Sometimes (actually very often) my friends are sick of me beating them constantly, so then we Co-op against a whole team of Darksims (The hardest A.I. in Perfect Dark) and see how good we can do as a team. Or instead, we could give each other a whole teams of bots on each side to see who could beat each other on team deathmatch. Halo doesn't have this. I could never even dream of having a team deathmatch with 16 players on Blood Gulch or whatever its called.

In fact, I've never even had enough players to fill a single Warthog, let alone pit two teams against each other in two Warthogs in a vehicle deathmatch. I'm sick of developers of just relying on online play as the main source of gameplay for their games.

"Making functional and efficient player level AI is an incredibly difficult task, especially on a system like the Wii."

Nintendo 64 handled the bots fine in Perfect Dark. You could whine about the frame rate all you want but even then, I'll just point to Timesplitters Future Perfect. The A.I. wasn't the smartest, but the game ran just fine. If the Nintendo 64 can handle 8 bots plus 4 players, the Wii can handle AT LEAST 4 bots.

"Making any player level AI work online in a Nintendo WiFi game is damn near impossible, especially that number of AI players."

On this part I do agree with you. Its unfortunate but true.
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7 years ago#23
All I want is something with path finding, That can shoot.

You can use whatever Cheap AI you want to make it work.
Give the harder bots a faster fire rate.
Give the stupidly good aim.

Whatever. Its all fun!

I've spent SO much time playing compys and bots.

I would LOVE some quick and dirty bots. Their quirkiness is almost more fun. than 'good' AI.
Mostly because even the "good" AI when it comes down to it are JUST as ridged and easily exploitable, but its like they're pretending they're not.

C'mon Tony, I want some bots :(

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