Mr ford looks like Keanu Reeves

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User Info: XxCarbagexX1120

7 years ago#1

And I found this awesome edit lying around the internet*orf*dQUY91TkMaaN*jLnL88ywLQyz02ZNHZdFdGdSFrCiqXRlWnoQXHqINJfVv/Mr.Ford.jpg
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7 years ago#2
That's exactly why he is an actor. is supposed to be some character w/o much character that you can relate to.
white,Short brown hair, and he needs a shave.

Form = Function.
They have a similar function, and that explains their similar appearance.

User Info: nomins

7 years ago#3
and this is bad? :O

User Info: Real_Zero

7 years ago#4
... whoa.

User Info: IMA1337_FearMe

7 years ago#5
this is called a sentence, you should like put them in your sig and stuff.
98% of people do not have real sentences in their sigs.

User Info: _Azeal_

7 years ago#6
So is Bill gunna be in Conduit 2 then, along with Ted?
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User Info: _Sketch_

7 years ago#7
There's a bomb on your bus!

User Info: Aile_Wing

7 years ago#8
However, Mr. Ford probably does know karate.
Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.
Hebrew 13:3 (NIV)
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  3. Mr ford looks like Keanu Reeves

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