I got the conduit special edition....

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User Info: ckp1236

7 years ago#1
its awesome.Can't wait till conduit 2 comes out.
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User Info: Green_Tunic

7 years ago#2
When it was first announced that players who got the special edition would also receive an exclusive ASE I was so excited (only to find out that it was in-game). Haha. It would probably cost a lot to manufacture such a thing (I was hoping for an actual metal replica).
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User Info: N64FTWxD

7 years ago#3
Yeah, my brother got the conduit special edition. It's pretty neat to explore high voltage artwork designers heads by reading a little booklet thing. Really interesting. I hope they do one for the second conduit. And yeah green, I wish we got something like that.

User Info: articshard

7 years ago#4
yeah i enjoyed the special addition. no a whole lot more but it was more interesting. i would definatly like to see another
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  3. I got the conduit special edition....

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