y did i just think of this now (HVS)

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User Info: darthmaulik

7 years ago#1
i just thought of this while playing half life 2 because for some reason i was thinking about a completely different game called nova for the i phone and they have their achievments linked to the iinternet so that people i kno and i dont kno can see what ones ive got. so now HVS i ask u to please do the same and dont just make the achiements single player only make em multiplayer ones and coop ones as well and the make scores for them it is fun and other people get to see how hard youve worked :D

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#2
You thought of this now because you're slow. Everyone's had this idea or knows better than that by now.
Don't count on this as a possibility. Nintendo 3rd party servers are not so feature rich as MPH's. We all know it sucks. Not exactly something HVS can fix. You want it to change, make some noise at nintendo, HVS and their fans have heard it already.
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  3. y did i just think of this now (HVS)

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