what guns need to be in this game

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User Info: 7Nobody5

7 years ago#11
keep the warp pistol...in multiplayer the warp pistol is a one hit kill with charged shot even after bouncing off a wall....i did it already and it was quite hilarious.

User Info: Prime011

7 years ago#12
What is wrong with you?!
Take away the Deatomizer?! Heck no!
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User Info: IMA1337_FearMe

7 years ago#13
they should nerf the charge shot of the warpy, and no bunny hopping would eliminate its uberness, therefore balancing it as a weapon
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User Info: The_Shader

7 years ago#14
agreed that the Warpy was a little too strong, so it being nerfed would be ok with me.

it was so damn fun to bounce shots and kill players behind corners.... i cant wait to see what the new Deatomizer looks like! (i personally LOVE the Vector, and i cant wait to see what other gun it will be imitating)
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User Info: Godlubsme

7 years ago#15
I liked all the guns, except it'd be nice to have classes, because you get to choose.
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