I had a dream where I got the game early.

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User Info: Aile_Wing

7 years ago#1
In my dream I found myself holding onto a new copy of Conduit 2. I didn't know how it appeared in my hands, but I must have received it from GameStop because in my dream I remember being amazed at GameStop getting the game so early. I started playing the first level immediantly. When Ford comes out of the conduit, he found himself not on an oil rig, but on a space station. It was pretty cool looking. As I was taking it all in Promethias said something but I wasn't really paying attention. As I'm gunning down Trust members I run into Zechiaf (sp) and his son from Modern Warfare. I tried to kill them, but nothing happened. I figured I had to get closer to them to activate a cutscene, which did occur. I eventually found myself outside of the space station, which was pretty cool. After a bit of that I decided to try some online. Apparently I was the only person who got the game early because I remember thinking that I probably wouldn't be able to find any players except some HVS employees who would be puzzeled as to how I managed to playing a game that wasn't supposed to be released yet. Unfortunately, not even they were on.

I enjoyed this dream much more than the one where Mormon somehow got a copy if the game, but I didn't. Random, a bit, but I wanted to share it anyway.
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User Info: Combo_Breaker1

7 years ago#2
Eh, i've had those types of dreams. They're awesome!
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User Info: Prime011

7 years ago#3
You had a dream where Mormon got a copy?
That is some crazy dream, Aile
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User Info: RichieGamer

7 years ago#4
I remember I had a dream about a sniper rifle being in C1, bad thing it didn't come true.
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User Info: _Sketch_

7 years ago#5
Touch fuzzy, get dizzy.
You will laugh.

User Info: Kirby_Pwns_All

7 years ago#6
I had a dream where I got the game early as well, but it was WAY less realistic than yours (it involved being shot out of a cannon at some point, though I don't remember why).

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#7
I think it's Zakaev, but it's been ages since a read those subtitles.
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User Info: Skizam33

7 years ago#8
Do you guys seriously have dreams this plain? I think I have to go see a psychiatrist :P Cool stuff though... I've never even had one dream I can remember about games. The only thing that has remotely made sense in my dreams lately was just yesterday when Bill from Kill Bill killed that Aaron guy from American Idol. Fun stuff. I have a dream... That one day Wii shall be free of lag! Free at last!
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  3. I had a dream where I got the game early.

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