Ghost mines as a usable weapon...

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User Info: Valdimir_Drega

7 years ago#1
I'd personally like to see the ASE used a bit in multiplayer, this would only be one way to implement it. Of course, your own ghost mines wouldn't explode on you or anything. Just a thought.
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User Info: SupahShnipa

7 years ago#2
Kinda like Clays/Bettys, I like it.
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User Info: articshard

7 years ago#3
if they were to be in muli player then the time to detonate it should alot shorter. yeah this would be fun to set traps and what not. as long as you can't spam them. i don't want to play in a mine field
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User Info: Blaeu

7 years ago#4
That is a terrible idea. It would be just like a Claymore. Those are some of the cheapest kills you can get since all you have to do is set it down. It is basically an explosive that is camping an area for you.

There is a reason claymores are banned from competitive play on CoD, don't make us have to ban them from Con2.
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User Info: N64FTWxD

7 years ago#5
As long as you got 1 a life then I'd be fine with it. It adds more of a tactical and actually thinking about were your going. And it would be a good camper destroying spot.

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#6
Wait, since when the **** were claymores banned? You can jump and avoid being killed if you're running, or just back up and take minimal damage if you aren't. Also, if there's a corner, you can walk around it and avoid the explosion. You can also shoot the claymore, or hit it with a grenade or something similar.

Last I checked, Martyrdom is banned from hardcore servers because people who use it often wind up ruining the experience of every other player, including their own team, and tubes are banned for being completely broken. 3X frags are banned from some servers because of how easy cooked grenade kills are.
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User Info: SaintXS

7 years ago#7
What blaeu is trying to say is that no one uses claymores on gamebattles matches.

And heyyyy I don't know if you remember me I went around BAP sometimes whatsupppp :)

Anyways, they are already using the TPC Launcher that can set mines as an alternative fire, so that's the claymore-type thing... no need for more claymores. What would be cool for any HVS game coming up though would be breaching doors online, to sort of "create" your own map, doors that wouldn't normally open can be exploded by C4 or something :p

User Info: Aile_Wing

7 years ago#8
Anyways, they are already using the TPC Launcher that can set mines as an alternative fire

I was just about to say that.
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User Info: psychobrew

7 years ago#9
Great idea. Though it would probably be better if the ghost mines were somewhat transparent (just enough so you see it if you're looking but miss it if you're not paying attention).

User Info: _Kidlat_

7 years ago#10
Claymores are tactical. And there is even a counter perk called bomb squad but I bet people hate giving up their frag x3......
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