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User Info: nintendomaniac

7 years ago#31
I don't know if you're in the same situation as me Sudsy86_ but I find modern "hyper realistic" games almost LESS realistic with all the bloom, HDR, and post-processing galore. Being that I live moderately in the boonies, I know what real-life forests and nature looks like, and most of the time there's darned near no bloom in real life. Most games that don't follow the "real is brown/grey" also have things washed out and too much and too bright - you really only see that look at maybe noon on a perfectly clear day, but even then not always.

I do have to say though, from what I've seen from some screenshots of Crysis, at least some people get it right (don't know if they were stock or modded settings, but all I know is that my parents seriously thought they were photos)
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User Info: Phasmatis92

7 years ago#32
^ Agreed. It's an unfortunate trend that I hope dies soon.

Concerning the Quantum3 engine, I wonder whether there have been any brand new features added to it since Conduit 1, or just refinements and improvements on the same basic tech.

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#33
I think Crytek actually did a lot of research into lighting and environmental physics for that game. I still remember Killzone fanboys insisting that leaves are never shiny like that, and it cracked me up, because even concrete has some shine to it. Catch the light right on a bright day, and the farther points will get a white glow to them.

I think, actually, Modern Warfare 2 has some of the best visuals for "realism" as well, mostly on the whole "everything is specular" bit, and the usually quite subtle bloom.
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