hey tony! just one request...

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User Info: AdmiralKickass

7 years ago#1
I saw that you were in charge of first person animation mechanics, I assume that means hadns and stuff. Well one of the things I loved from Metroid Prime 3 and red steel 2 and wanted in the original conduit was seeing your character actually interact with the world. In those games, every time you opened a door, you saw your hand reach out and grab the handle and open it.

It's not a vital gameplay mechanic but it's a subtle detail which I think really helps to immerse you. So could you maybe put it in the conduit 2?
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User Info: HVSTony

7 years ago#2
Unfortunately im going to have to disagree with you on this one.

We do have some world wii mote interaction but nothing like metroid and were not adding anymore. I wanted as LEAST as possible only because those were those sections in those games I hated the most.

A - It turns the wii into a wagglefest when it should be an FPS
B - The whole point of games is to do something you cant do in real life. I want to spent as much time as I can getting the shooting aliens thing down. If I want to go open doors and stuff, I can get up and open and close a real door all I want in real life and get better feedback then a wiimote :)

So yeah, im going to have to respectfully disagree and say that we are doing as LEAST of this as possible.


User Info: HVSTony

7 years ago#3
Now, this is not to say that during wow moments and certain first person cinemas you wont see the hands. Quite the contrary as you see the arms and hands doing all sorts of baddass stuff, but in terms if wiimote interaction with doors and stuff....nope.


User Info: AdmiralKickass

7 years ago#4
i guess we have different ideas on immersion then.
It's so incredibly boring when you get the green pointer appear over doors and wheels and just watch as they move on their own. I never said it had to be waggly, red steel 2 certainly doesnt use waggle in it.

Things like that are just what make fps' awesome for me. I like the idea that my character is actually in this world doing things himself.
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all kickass - so awesome i absolutely rinsed rocks repeatedly

User Info: jje116

7 years ago#5
yeah so it's not the motion controls he wants, but the animation of the hands opening the door or whatever
Holy Jeezus!

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#6
It would be good in, say, a Far Cry game. I can see it working in The Grinder, even.
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User Info: ddd87

7 years ago#7
Hey Tony, it doesn't need to do the actual motion, maybe just press the button and the hand will move for opening the door.

Now, I read somewhere that the game was supossed to have those motion controlled actions to open doors or pressing some switches.

User Info: Kirby_Pwns_All

7 years ago#8

User Info: Vermineater

7 years ago#9
Or it would be awesome if you could kick open the door if both hands had a weapon. ^_^

Actually, now I just want to be able to short doors down. Screw opening them.
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User Info: CelticLink94

7 years ago#10
IDK, I'm fine with :-press button
-door opens

Even if they were to do that, it would have to be in SP only. I cannot recall a single game that used closed doors as obstacles in multiplayer in this generation. Keep it streamlined and let me get in the action. It worked for MP3, because that game was all about you alone, exploring a place. Also, that was one of the first Wii games so they wanted to show what it could do. By now, we all know what can be done with a wiimote, and most of it is cheap and tacky. Let me shoot some guys and see some good graphics, get some nice weapons and a greater plot. Like Tony said, if I want to see a hand reach out and open the door, I can go do that myself in high resolution.
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