when can we expect the trailer?

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  3. when can we expect the trailer?

User Info: Neo-ganon

7 years ago#1

because as far as i know, its probably not going to be at E3 since they havent unvieled it today.

User Info: TCJuan

7 years ago#2
Well some sites are saying tomorrow (today) Wednesday. Ohh and we still have time. E3 doesn't end until Thursday.

Just keep waiting, and watching off screen videos for now :P.

User Info: psychobrew

7 years ago#3
I agree. Since it hasn't happened yet, I don't expect to see a trailer at E3 :(

I'm guessing we'll get one about a month before release.

User Info: Kirby_Pwns_All

7 years ago#4
If not a trailer, I'd expect some direct-feed multiplayer. They've unveiled the game now, so I think it's safe to say it will be soon.
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  3. when can we expect the trailer?

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