this may sound really stupid and highly unlikely...

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  3. this may sound really stupid and highly unlikely...

User Info: Neo-ganon

7 years ago#1

but i would actually like to see a spin-off of the conduit series on the 3DS. I mean it can handle all the graphical capabilities and the multiplayer (MPH was pretty good). And it wouldnt have to be part of the main story, but rather as a backdrop. like maybe it could follow characters only mentioned in the conduit 1. what do you think?

User Info: N64FTWxD

7 years ago#2
Your tittle nailed what I was gonna say.

User Info: The_Shader

7 years ago#3
The 3DS is getting HAMMERED with very excellent franchises. Conduit would have to turn ALOT of heads in order to get buyers.

Besides, HVS has been working on a Wii engine, i dont think they could transfer Quantum 3 to the badass new handheld.
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User Info: Neo-ganon

7 years ago#4

hmm i see what u mean. oh well, just thought it woulda been cool to take TCon on the go.

User Info: elheber

7 years ago#5
I'm getting a 3DS on launch day. Even if it means a sleeping bag and a lawn chair.

I would love a Conduit game for it. Here's hoping Conduit becomes a long running franchise. *crosses fingers*
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#6
IIRC, the 3DS is very similar to the gamecube hardware. In other words, it would be very easy to port The Conduit and Conduit 2 to it, as almost no reworking of game could should have to be done.
However, it is also likely that the games could not run as well as they currently do, and given that they don't currently run that well at all, that would be a huge no-no. Maybe if it was properly optimised for the smaller screen-size with the LOD bias, and the effects were tweaked.

But since we don't have a 3DS spec sheet, there's no way to really know.
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  3. this may sound really stupid and highly unlikely...

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