Compilation of Known Conduit Info v3 *Rough Draft*

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User Info: UltimateFlame13

7 years ago#1
Do not post until I tell you its ok, I have a lot to post (7 posts). Also, do not request stickies for this. This is a rough draft and I want to give you guys a chance to read through it, give me some feedback, and correct me on my mistakes that I'm sure I made. This will also allow me to add in any new videos or info that show up in the next couple days to the real version.

Table of Contents
1. General Comments
2. What's New (!)
3. Single Player
4. Gameplay
5. Multiplayer
6. Weapons
7. Maps
8. Frequently Asked Questions (!)
9. Useful Links
(!)- If nothing else make sure to read a section marked with this before posting a new topic.

1. General Comments
Updated this with the e3 info and made some changes to the organization. I think I should mention this for the sake of keeping repeated topics to a minimum. Keep in mind that the search bar can be your best resource here. Before you post a topic make sure to do a search to see if it has been addressed in the past. Also try not to spam HVS Tony with the same topics over and over again. We get a lot of topics addressed to him on these boards and while that's great it would be nice to not suggest or ask him the same thing over and over again. You need to do a search before asking him a question and keep in mind if the idea you are suggesting sounds obvious chances are it has already been said at least once. If you don't read anything else at least make sure you read the "What's New" and "Frequently Asked Questions" sections before posting a topic on the boards. That would really help to avoid unnecessary topics, thanks.

2. What's New
This section is pretty much going to sum up everything important about what is being changed or added that we know so far. For more detailed information or info that I did not think was important enough to put in this section please read the other sections.

Single Player
• Less hallways, more wide open areas, varying paths, and varied environments
• More variety of enemies. You can now shoot off different parts of an enemies armor.
• Story is going to be presented in a different way than the first.
• Enemy AI is improved. Enemies will behave differently according to what kind of weapon they are using.
• Atlantis will be used as a kind of hub. You will have a bit of a choice in what order you want to go through the levels.
• ASE will have more uses. There will still be hidden messages and other secrets to find as you play.
• All of the weapons from the first game will be back, and they will have a new alternate fire mode.
• There is a sprint button now.
• There will be more "wow" moments.
• 4 Boss Battles
• Interactive and destructible objects
• weapon loadouts and suit upgrades are in single player as well
• Longer story mode
• Wii Motion+ is confirmed to be used for aiming purposes only

• This game will support 4 player local split screen
• There will be a co-op invasion mode available both online and offline.
• There will be customized classes with weapon load outs and suit upgrades.
• You can customize your characters appearance using the same system used to create the varied single player enemies.
• Maps will be returning from the first game
• Spawn glitch from the first game is fixed
• There will be more protection against hackers
• Lock on is back but its not as bad from what we've seen
• There will be a currency system to unlock new upgrades.
• weapon caches are gone.
• There is a rival system
• There is splitscreen online (2 sources have claimed this, but it is unsure if it was a mistake or not)
• Respawn time depends on the game mode
• 15 maps
• 21 Weapons (7 new)
• 30 suit upgrades
• 2 new modes

User Info: UltimateFlame13

7 years ago#2
3. Single Player

The story picks up right where it left off at the end of Conduit. HVS is trying to give a more compelling story experience so there will be more wow moments and there will be more cinematic cut scenes instead of that pre mission briefing stuff. The story will take Ford all over the world and the events of the first game will soon seem like just a sliver of what is happening throughout the planet.

***This next bit will have Conduit plot spoilers and some very minor spoilers for Conduit 2. Skip ahead if you don't want any spoilers***

The game picks up right after Ford ran through the conduit after Adams. Our hero will find himself thrown into the open ocean and he will come across an oil rig. Ford will have to fight his way through the rig and will have a boss fight against a sea serpent that is tearing apart the oil rig. To give you an idea of what kind of boss fights they are making, Ford first has to shoot off tendrils around the leviathons neck with a turret, next he has to target the creatures mouth, and finally he has to shoot it in two specific spots with electric harpoons in order to create a circuit and kill the beast. All the while the leviathen is attacking Ford and tearing up the platform that Ford is standing on.

Throughout the game Ford will soon learn that there are other aliens similar to Adams. These aliens control different territories around the world. What makes Adams different is that he has been more successful than the other aliens, and now the ambitious Adams wants to take over the rest of the world. Ford now has to enlist the help of the other aliens in order to take down Adams. You will also be using Atlantis as a hub. There will be multiple portals in Atlantis that lead to different parts of the world, and you will have some freedom in choosing what area you want to go into first. One of these will lead back to Washington D.C. to recover an artifact from the Smithsonian. Battles within the city between Drudge and Trust are still happening, so Ford will have to work his way through these sides already battling each other. Other areas Ford will be visiting include Agartha, Washington D.C., the Lost City of Z, and Siberia.

you can see a video here

***end spoilers***

Many complaints about the first game were with the monotonous level design and the constant hallways. Conduit 2 will not be plagued by these same problems because HVS are designing more intricate levels with multi-tiered areas, big vistas, and multiple pathways. There will also be a variety of environments that you visit such as Atlantis, Agartha, Washington D.C., the Lost City of Z, and Siberia. There will be some linear areas due to necessity but they are doing their best to give as much freedom to the player. Another way more variety will be added to the single player is you will be able to pick what weapon you want to use in each level and your suit upgrades. So you will be able to go back to any level you've already played and replay it in a completely different way than the first time.

The enemies will be more varied and seem more alive then they did in the previous game. The enemies will no longer just sit and wait there for you to show up before they do anything. In certain areas there will be AI fighting AI as you enter. Enemies will also use the environment more now. One example is the AI will knock over a soda machine to use for cover. The enemies you fight will be specific to the areas that you visit. In Atlantis there will be thirty foot tall guardians, in siberia there will be robotic dogs that will come after you if you are detected by security. The game will also feature 4 boss fights, and each have multiple stages.

User Info: UltimateFlame13

7 years ago#3
The AI's intelligence has been upgraded as well. They now can use any weapon, and their AI will change depending on what weapon they are using. For example someone using a shotgun will be focused on rushing towards you, whereas someone with a sniper rifle will try to stay back and hit you from afar. HVS has also improved the variety of enemy appearances so it's not just like you're fighting the say guy over and over again. They have made a system that they can use to mix and match different helmets, shoulder pads, etc. to create a dozen different looks. Because of this there will also be destructible armor, so you will now be able to shoot the helmet off of an enemy soldier if you wanted to.

The All-Seeing Eye is getting some improvements as well. In the previous game it allowed you to detect traps, enemies, and other secrets. HVS agrees that this was underutilized in the previous game and are going to try to correct this. There will be more puzzles and hacking games in this game. It's also going to be used as a detective tool. There will be more hidden conspiracy objects and secrets in the environment, and when you scan an object you will also get more info on it in a data log. Because the ASE is tied to Atlantis you will be able to use it to have limited control over the guardians and other denizens of the city. You will be able to either repel or attract them depending on how you use the ASE.

4. Multiplayer
Conduit 2 is improving upon the online system from the first game. 12 players will be able to compete online and will be able to talk to each other with wii speak or the headbanger headset. All of the modes from the first game are returning and there will be two new modes as well. They have not revealed any details on the modes just yet, but what they are willing to reveal is that Conduit 2 will feature a class system and a ELO matchmaking system. You will be able to set up weapon load-outs and suit upgrades (perks). There will be no more weapon sets, voting for maps, or voting for game modes. There will also be weapons scattered throughout the maps for you to pick up as well, and you will be able to switch between classes while in game. New suit and weapon upgrades will be purchased through a currency system. You can earn cash for the shop in both offline single player, splitscreen, and online. There are currently 30 suit upgrades. They are planning on having one primary and two secondary slots for these upgrades. You will also have the ability to customize your characters looks using the same system that is used to customize the enemies in single player. You are now also able to revive you team mates. Splitscreen online has been mentioned by two sources, but we had previously heard that it was not going to be included. While it sounds like it is in don't get your hopes up too much. This could very well just be a case of misinformation.

The game will now have rivals as well as friends.The rival system is the same as it was in Metroid Prime Hunters. While you have to input a code to add friends, you can add rivals in random game lobbies by sending a request to the player. If they accept then you two are now rivals and can find each other in online games much more easily. You can also voice chat with your rivals.

Local play will now be featured in this game as well. Two to four player splitscreen will be available for all of the games competitive modes. You will also be able to team up with up to 4 players in a co-op invasion mode both online and offline. This mode is mostly being kept secret.

Confirmed Suit Upgrades:
• Reverse Damage- Shooting allies heals them
• Field Medicine- Doubles Revival Times
• Robot Legs- Unlimited Sprint
• Heavy Armor- Damage reduction but slower movement.
• Ammo Belt- Two extra magazines
• Improved Bullet Damage- stronger bullet damage
• Armory- Two primary heavier weapons instead of a primary and secondary.
• Quickness- Reloads faster
• Stealth Upgrade- Invisible on radar.

User Info: UltimateFlame13

7 years ago#4
5. Gameplay

First off the control system from the first game is back. For those of you who do not know this means the controls will be fully customizable. The control mapping customizable and more technical details like the size of the dead zone, running speed, turning speed, the cursors sensitivity to movement, horizontal look angle, vertical look angle, allowing you to turn when the cursor is off screen, and if the cursor auto-centers itself when pointed off screen are as well.

Wii Motion+ will be used in this game. It will be used for aiming purposes only and is entirely optional. It helps with aiming when the pointer is off screen. What this means is it will continue to track your controller and know where it is when it is pointing off screen. So there will be no more auto-center when off screen and it won't just keep spinning either if you are using wm+.

Lock on has made a return, but it doesn't appear to be as bad as it was in the first game. It creates a visual box around your enemy to help keep track of them and will keep them on screen like the last game, but it is no longer an aim assist aside from keeping your enemy on screen. It will not keep the enemy in the center of the screen like the last game did. There hasn't been any confirmation if there will be an option to get rid of lock-on in online or not.

You will now be able to aim down iron sights with all weapons that do not have a scope. Your accuracy will vary depending on what you are doing. When you're standing you are accurate, when you're moving you are less accurate, when you're crouching you're more accurate, and when your looking down a scope or iron sight you are very accurate. From the gameplay we've seen this does not appear to be that noticeable compared to the last game.

6. Weapons
There are 21 weapons and 7 of them are new. All weapons will have a secondary fire mode and all weapons also have iron sights or a scope. HVS has revealed that all of the weapons from the first game will be back, but has not shown all of them yet. I'll list them below but they won't have much info or gameplay for them. I've made a few assumptions here and there about how to categorize the weapons, so that may or may not change in the future. If I did not list a weapons secondary mode it is because it is unconfirmed.

SCAR- The assault rifle is back and this time it is full auto. It's secondary mode is unconfirmed but there has been speculation about the full auto being its secondary and burst fire being its primary mode. 20 round clip
See it used here:

MP5KA4- The games sub machine gun. 30 round clip.
See it used here at 2:17 :

USP .45- The games pistol. 15 round clip. fires as fast as you can pull the trigger.
See it used here at 0:30:

SPAS-12 - The games shotgun. pump action. 8 round clip.
See it used here at 2:32:

RDS Pistol- A pistol shown very briefly in one of the videos. It's name is unconfirmed but right now there are speculations that it is the HVS .45 (hopefully balanced for online), that it could be an upgraded USP .45 with a RDS, or that its just an entirely new weapon we have no chance of guessing at.
See it here:

SMAW- rocket launcher of the game

Aegis Device- By charging this weapon you can create a temporary shield that will cause incoming bullets, rockets, and grenades to float in front of you. You can then send these back at your target.

Phase Rifle- This is the games dedicated sniper rifle, but it shoots through walls as well. The gun fires and reloads very slowly. In order to hit someone through a wall you will need to first lock on to their heat signature.
see it used here at 1:58:

User Info: UltimateFlame13

7 years ago#5
AR-C Eclipse- It is a laser firing gun with a red dot sight and it will fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. It has infinite ammo, however the gun will heat up the more you fire it and eventually overheat causing you to go into a lengthy animation as it cools. The twist is that the gun is stronger the hotter it is. It also has a secondary cloaking ability which activates when you hold down the trigger. The cloaking will cool down the gun, but if you cloak for too long the gun will freeze, force you out of cloaking, and you'll be forced into a lengthy animation of bashing the ice off the gun. The cloaking also weakens the gun over time since the gun is stronger when it is hot.
see it used here at 2:21:

Deployable Turret- You can set this down anywhere and control it with a hand held display that will alert you when the turret has detected someone. When it detects something you can either pull the trigger and let auto-aim go to work, or control the turret manually.

TPC Launcher Secondary Function- Fires explosive canisters in an arc. The TPC launcher can now lay mines around the area. Size 4 clip.
see it used here at 1:27:

MK4 Deatomizer-
Semi-automatic. Charged shot fire in three separate directions. If any connect the others will act like a bolo and hit your opponent as well. This has a scope as well.

Mk9 Carbonizer-
This is a laser that activates as long as you are holding the trigger.

Warp Pistol- Semi-Automatic. The regular shots of this gun will bounce off the terrain a few times. Chargeable, creates long-range beam. The beam sprays a burst of normal shots if it comes into contact with anything other than your enemy.

Shrieker- It shoots a bio-organic round that explodes on contact. Think of it as a guided grenade launcher, that you control with the wii mote. The shot follows the cursor, so wherever you aim it will curve to go. You can fire 3 shots off at a time. This also does splash damage.

Strike Rifle- This is semi-automatic and charges to shoot a beam. This does have a scope and is the assault rifle of the Drudge arsenal.

Hive Cannon- This is automatic and fires living ammo. If you hold the wiimote normally it will fire off weak accurate shots at an average rate. However, if you twist the wiimote it will fire stronger shots much more quickly. The downside is that the accuracy is terrible when doing this.

No new grenades have been confirmed yet. It would appear that the frag grenades have a red glow to them now and they also explode on a timer instead of contact.

Frag Grenade- Your typical frag grenade. Explodes after a certain amount of time.
Radiation Grenade- Deals damage over time to anything near it. It will stick to any surface including your opponents.
Flash Grenade- Typical flash nade. Blinds your opponent.

7. Maps
So far it was confirmed that there will be 15 maps and 7 of them are new. This would mean that the 7 maps from the first game are returning, but that also leaves 1 map uncounted for. This isn't entirely clear at the moment. There was also a poll for our favorite conduit maps to decide which would be added to this game so that makes this even more confusing. The maps will change based on how many people are playing in the game and what game mode you are playing.

New Maps (none of these names are confirmed)
UFO Crash Site- an alien ship crashed into what appears to be a ruined human city. See it here:
Jungle Ruins- ruins in the middle of a jungle. see it here:
Ancient City- an interesting looking city shown in this picture

User Info: UltimateFlame13

7 years ago#6
Old Maps
Bunker (Large, Best with 8-12 players)
Pentagon (Large, Best with 8-12 players)
Complex (Medium, Best with 6-10 players)
Sanctum (Medium, Best with 6-10 players)
Infirmary (Medium, Best with 6-10 players)
Streets (Small, Best with 2-6 players)
Warehouse (Small, Best with 2-6 players)

8. Frequently Asked Questions

When is the game being released?
It is scheduled for Winter 2010

Is there DLC or any kind of post release support for the game?
Yes! They will be releasing patches and fixes after the release to fix any problems that occur. DLC like maps, guns, etc. is still being discussed so we may see that as well.

Will there be a demo?
Unlikely, so don't expect one.

Did they add vehicles this time?
No. There are turrets you can get into and control in single player but that is probably as close as you'll get to a vehicle.

Are there Friend Codes again? Why can't they be like Monster Hunter Tri?
Yes there are friend codes. In order to be like Monster Hunter Tri they would need to be using Sega's servers or have permission from Nintendo to drop FC's.

So if they have wii motion+ now that means I'll get to use 1:1 melee weapons now?
No. They are using wm+ for aiming purposes only. There are melee weapons in single player (a wrench on the oil rig level was mentioned), but they will not use wm+.

Is there LAN?
There hasn't been any official confirmation one way or the other, but this is something they would need Nintendo's permission to do.

What are rivals?
The rival system is the same as it was in Metroid Prime Hunters. It is a way to make friend codes more bearable. While you have to input a code to add friends, you can add rivals in random game lobbies by sending a request to the player. If they accept then you two are now rivals and can find each other in online games much more easily. You can also voice chat with your rivals.

What is the headbanger headset?
It is a headset used on the wii to allow voice chat. It's more convenient than wii speak in that it doesn't pick up sounds from all over the room and its a players voice will come out of a speaker near your ear instead of your TV speakers. It was recently announced and Conduit 2 will be the first game to use it.

Is there keyboard support?

Are there single player bots?

How many missions are in the game?
15 was the number most recently mentioned.

9. Useful Links

Gamespot Impressions

Game Informer Hands On

Gamepro Preview

Gamezone Preview

Gaming Union Preview

ScrewAttacks Interview with Lead Designer

Interview with Tony Mecca

Off Screen Gamplay Videos/e3 Booth Interviews

User Info: UltimateFlame13

7 years ago#7
Nintendo Power Article
pages in order:

Sega Q&A:

Nintendolife Article:

RoboAwesome Article:

IGN Hands-On:

You can now post. Do not request stickies. If you notice any mistakes, misinformation, or missing info please let me know before I post the actual version. If you have any suggestions for questions I should put into the FAQ section please post them as well.
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User Info: UltimateFlame13

7 years ago#8
found 1 mistake already...

From: UltimateFlame13 | #005
TPC Launcher Secondary Function-

this should be...

TPC Launcher-

that >_>
Everything I've learned about life can be summed up into three words: It goes on -Robert Frost
Wanting: Golden Sun Dark Dawn, Starcraft 2, AC Brotherhood

User Info: Rigama

7 years ago#9
Amazing job.
Kudos Flame.

User Info: Valdimir_Drega

7 years ago#10
Found a couple of minor mistakes. I gave quotes and the mistakes are in bold print and underlined. Hope it helps.

1.They now can use any weapon, and their AI will change depending on what weapon they are using. For example someone using a shotgun will be focused on rushing towards you, whereas someone with a sniper rifle will try to stay back and hit you from afar. HVS has also improved the variety of enemy appearances so it's not just like you're fighting the <u>say</u> guy over and over again.

2.Confirmed Suit Upgrades:
• Reverse Damage- Shooting allies heals them
• Field Medicine- <u>Doubles</u> Revival Times

I'm fairly certain that the bolded mistake here should be "Halves."

That's all I found for now. Maybe I'll look it over again later.
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