Good amount of new footage and dev interview from GameTrailers.

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  3. Good amount of new footage and dev interview from GameTrailers.

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#31
yes, it was.
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User Info: psychobrew

7 years ago#32
"Yeah great job on the leviathan Tony. Taking down that helicopter and throwing that guy up in the air then eating him were really "holy **** that's awesome" moments. Can't wait to see more stuff like that."

It would be cool to see stuff like that in multiplayer as well. Maybe spaceships crashing in to each other in air, crash landings as map hazards, the Leviathan eating random people who aren't paying attention.

I loved that one single player scene where it looked like a boss was trying to break in to the building, snatching people away. That was really cool.

In any case, the more "did that really just happen?" moments, the better.

User Info: GuessMyUserName

7 years ago#33
really lovin' that trailer, totally got me more excited for this.

User Info: The_Shader

7 years ago#34
Tony working on the Leviathin totally slipped my mind! O_o damn dude... the serpent looks insane! in the way it reacts, and how it moves! well ****ing done! That Leviathin makes me think of Resident Evil 4 monster cutscenes!

i cant wait to see what new things the aliens do... makes me drool at the fact that theres more boss's to come.... oh the anticipation... I CANT STAND IT!!!

i cant wait to blow up Drudge AND Annunaki heads, just to see how they stagger x3
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User Info: Phasmatis92

7 years ago#35
The Leviathan was definitely the highlight; the scene where it takes out the chopper was badass. His design alone puts any of the first game's aliens to shame, and his animations had some nice subtle touches like his spines flexing that made him seem very lifelike. (Well done, Tony!)
If all the other bosses (As cool as he is, I sincerely hope Leviathan's not the only boss, as I heard mentioned once) are this good, the game will truly rock.

It was also grand to see the the deployable turret, aegis device, and x-ray sniper rifle in action. They all look more interesting than the first game's guns, and I hope the other unannounced weapons are just equally promising.

There were a few rough patches, like a delayed death reaction from a baddie, (anyone else catch that? Tony?) but since it's far from finished such things are expected. All in all, looking good so far; bring on December!
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  3. Good amount of new footage and dev interview from GameTrailers.

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