Will Conduit be a franchise or will it only be a trilogy?

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  3. Will Conduit be a franchise or will it only be a trilogy?

User Info: notfreakish

7 years ago#1
I know it's too early to think about it but do you think Conduit will go on forever like Mario or Zelda or will it just be a trilogy and HVS will move on? Personally I think it should go on forever. And each set of titles will have a new character in a different time? Please post your opinions.
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7 years ago#2
Well, the bad thing about franchises is that you are limited by what was done before.

It basically all comes down to... How many versions of Tcon do you want to see?

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#3
Personally, I think that making any choice in that regard would be stupid unless the story arc was built to fit three separate installments, in which case this story arc should be a trilogy. The game it's self, however, should not be limited to the idea that there are only 3 games within the series, and should be open to expansion should the developers want to flesh out another part of the timeline.
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User Info: naruto3336

7 years ago#4

The purposes of a sequel is either to earn more money that the first one made, or to improve upon the first game in so many ways because it did not deliver what the devs wanted to, or both. Either way, a sequel would have to have so many new features to make it feel like a fresh experience compared to the original while still retaining the same feel of the series. Conduit 2 does that. Adding more games in the series would mean the game would turn more like CoD where the changes feel like tweaks as opposed to a new experience.

User Info: Kirby_Pwns_All

7 years ago#5
I agree with Dark. That said, I hope they don't milk it if this game does well, because as great as franchises *can* be, some of them have been saturated with too many sequels and remakes (you know who you are).

User Info: ddd87

7 years ago#6
There is always the possibility of prequels (ford's past missions) and even spin off with other characters on the same time frame.

But first of all, the game has to sell well or we won't see any Conduit 3.

User Info: UltimateFlame13

7 years ago#7
Well if this game sells well I'd at least expect a trilogy. If they wanted to make a franchise they'd probably have to set it during another part of the timeline like dark said and maybe even throw out a reboot years later if necessary.
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User Info: Sudsy86_

7 years ago#8

This isn't very well-founded, but I'd sense it having a large cult following as a series. I could almost see it as the "Survivor" of FPS: the best premise and with a large consistent following, but less marketed and with less superficial appeal; thus, successful, but not competing for the most profitable of its kind each time around.

User Info: elheber

7 years ago#9
As long as HVS is behind a Wii FPS game, I don't care if it's an actual sequel or a spiritual successor. They're proving to be quite capable.
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User Info: coolman229

7 years ago#10
I know that HVS has a "Bible" for all of the info about the Conduit mythos. I recall someone at HVS saying that in an interview. I'm sure that they have a ton of story for plenty of games. And I for one would love to see Mr. Ford's past missions, especially the Aero-Evac incident. (You know, what got him noticed by Adams). It would be awesome to see Ford get fleshed out as a character. I would also like to see how Prometheus became a rebel and got captured. There is so much, they won't have trouble finding story. And that's just the stuff we know!!
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