New weather and lighting effects

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User Info: psychobrew

7 years ago#1
Does anyone have any information on the new weather and lighting effects? Think we can expect it in multiplayer (preferably at random)?

User Info: ddd87

7 years ago#2
I want random weather too!!!

User Info: naruto3336

7 years ago#3

Well they said that each map will have its own environmental hazard in it. So if they don't add weather effects, I won't be disappointed at all. Plus they are adding vehicles in the bigger maps, which is also a huge plus for me.

User Info: The_Shader

7 years ago#4
it would be ****ing awesome if lightning would randomly strike people in multiplayer.
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User Info: SmallerRidley

7 years ago#5

From: The_Shader | #004
it would be ****ing awesome if lightning would randomly strike people in multiplayer.

And tripping, too.
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User Info: ByRequest

7 years ago#6
And tripping, too.
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User Info: nintendomaniac

7 years ago#7
If the maps actually take place in a real country or whatever, they could the weather channel for more real-time weather changes.
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7 years ago#8
Tripping should be unlockable.

I actually wouldn't mind if lightning did get random people, but only if it was like...
Only certain areas would be experiencing lightning at certain times, so players could avoid the lightning storm altogether.
Maybe players who don't move for long periods of time during a storm will 'build up a charge' increasing the likelihood that they will get hit.

OR... It would be could if weather could have affect on other things. Like, even if a lightning storm doesn't hit people, if the radar was impared in the proximity of the storm, etc.

It would also be really cool to have certain weapons who's performance was minutely affected by weather, particularly drudge weapons as they are bio based.
Another candidate would be the Eclipse which might cool faster in a storm.


7 years ago#9
*wants to hear DarkBeta's opinion on his post*

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#10
Sounds neat.

Regarding such features as have been mentioned, which is to say, those mentioned in this topic and others, involving features similar to or identical to those talked about in relation to comments and ideas around such a feature...

I have no further comment to make.
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