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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#11
There's a lot of reasons to buy a console, and the controller of it certainly isn't the only, or even the most important one. The most important is always what games are released on the system/what system has the best version of multiplat titles/best exclusives.

That said, there are features in The Conduit and Conduit 2 that take advantage of twisting the Wiimote, and in the sequel, there is potential for more wiimote only features. Because of this, it's difficult to implement the CCPro.
Were this a typical shooter that doesn't make exceptional use of the Wiimote, I'm sure that CC and GCC would be more seriously considered, but as is, it isn't worth it.
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User Info: Brownprouder23

7 years ago#12
Good. Now maybe the hackers can be done with. I really hope that this system works. I just want to be able to play online without somebody being invincible.

User Info: raysnds1

7 years ago#13
well...hackers will never go away....but at least there are attempts to cororect things and make games enjoyable longer from hackers and glitchers.

this game reached a tipping point for me about 9 months after many mathces w/ people exploiting the game.
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