Conduit 1 and component cable help

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User Info: Ryan Si

Ryan Si
7 years ago#1
I'm thinking about buying some component cables for Wii. I know what they do and all the technical details, I just want to know if anyone notices improvement (how much, what kind, etc) when playing the original conduit.

I bought a Wii a few months ago and am planning on buying Conduit 2 and GoldenEye. (I like FPS) Now I realize they make images look sharper, but since Wii games are non-HD, I'm a little worried the extra sharpness will make the games look worse on my HDTV.


User Info: _Sai

7 years ago#2
It won't look bad matter of fact it makes it look great. When using Composite cables SOME HD Tv's have input lag (i.e. If I pushed "A" theres a split second brief lag in the picture changing). So Component cables help with that and make image quality look great and take away most of the input lag.


7 years ago#3
You can turn the sharpness down.

Um, the biggest improvements are going to be in framerate.
If you can see a difference between 30 and 60 ( some people do, some don't ) then it may be worth it.
And also if you can see the interlacing.
on my TV, I can see the interlacing if it isn't running in progressive.

also, the sharper image may be something you get used to.
I personally am not bothered by jaggies that I would not otherwise see due to blur.
IMO its like somebody saying the screen looks better off then it does on because you can no longer see the flaws.

After a while, you may aquire a similar opinion.

User Info: twopinacoladas

7 years ago#4
It will look much better, all I had was the cables that came with the wii at launch. It was very dark and grainy, it looks much better with component on an HDTV. Mine is 32 inch lcd there is huge improvement as I recall. Some parts of red steel were way to dark to play its clearer and less grainy as I recall. Don't expect it to look mindblowingly good but its a definate improvement.
GT:Perfect RJ
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