Alternate name.

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User Info: incognito3

7 years ago#11
Drudge (or Martian) VS Ford
and have a picture of a car on the cover
Are you picking up what i am putting down?The official bowgun user.Baroth armor ftw
Call me Incognito(3), Martian, Pwnage, or THE ranter, if you would please.

User Info: CelticLink94

7 years ago#12
Nintenguns. The sequel? Nintenguns + cats!
~~~~Frozen Primates and Polite Rodents make for really good bands~~~~~
"The extreme irony of life is that nobody gets through it alive"- a friend

User Info: donkeypunch1116

7 years ago#13
cant be a worse name than "bullet storm". seriously, that is the most generic **** i have ever heard...
Modern Warfare Reflex: 3426 0715 8657 tag: PUNCH
***pizza and colt 45: the unofficial meal of conduit 2***

User Info: ddd87

7 years ago#14
Wii Shooter Online Party

will sell 12312653563414 copies at launch date

User Info: 7Nobody5

7 years ago#15
LOL @ incognito's answer.
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