Minor concern about invisibility

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User Info: MrFigsworth

7 years ago#1
Just a thought from what I have heard in running around these boards. Since there is a perk that makes you invisible to radar, and the Eclipse which makes you invisible...that would be a bit...overpowered yes? As even though the Eclipse has to be heated back up (just fire it a lot from what I'm understanding), being invisible to radar as well would make it very dangerous for other players as that person would have a very deadly advantage.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for tactics...but shouldn't there be some kind of perk that would allow you to see cloaked people? Maybe a perk that jams the cloaking field and makes the person visible? I like the whole sense of an unseen hunter amongst your team or on the field, its a thrilling prospect...but in the terms of fairness...I think it might be an abused combination in the upcoming game.

It would lead to a lot of sudden assassinations and WTFs in game. Though people right now might think its a brilliant idea, once it gets used on them and spammed, it will make them angry and they'll complain about it. So as perks and suit upgrades go, should there be a counter skill to all of the others? For example, the Heavy Armor perk is countered by the Double Damage perk. Maybe there could be an Infrared Vision perk to work against the Eclipse users cloak?

Speaking of Infrared Vision, here's how I think it might work. When you activate your VISOR or scoped weapon you see infrared. Pretty simple I think, and as far as coding goes, it just changes what you see to heat signatures, and makes cloaked people visible. Shouldn't b too hard right? Unless the Visor was replaced by ADS. In which case Infrared Vision might activate while in ADS or scoped modes...ooooo...another spontaneous idea, since the strike riffle's scope enhances your eye, why not have it see Infrared so that as a weapon it counters the Eclipse. A weapon counter rather than a perk counter. Hmm, I think I'll let up on the idea spamming and stuff to keep from wasting your time.

I'm sure tactics will be derived to deal with radar jamming and cloak users, but I just wanted to cast my thoughts out there to see what kind of responses I would get. Comments welcome as usual.

User Info: psychobrew

7 years ago#2
WTF moments are awesome. Having said that, the Eclipse freezes if you stay invisible for too long, and you can't shoot it again until you chip the ice off (takes time). I believe it's also a weak weapon until it heats up again, but if it heats up too much you can't shoot it anymore. The gun sounds like it's going to be tempermental.

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#3
That's actually a lot harder to implement than you might think. It's not as simple as flipping a switch to make it show "hot" things as red and "not" things as grey. Since there are a lot of effects already, it would probably have a huge negative impact on performance.

I think it's mostly down to the weapon balance. From how I see it, you probably don't remain cloaked after shooting, like in Crysis, where you lose that as soon as you shoot. I think it would probably just make the model heavily transparent, and there are probably some weapons that counter that effect by showing people anyway, like the Phase Rifle.
I think that, maybe, if you use the Strike Rifle, it should show a red beacon in the middle of someone's chest-area to indicate that their alive, and for other scoped weapons something similar. I can also see a jammer perk of some kind working, that shorts out the effect, or even better, a perk that just lets you see people who are cloaked easier when they're close by, but since that perk would otherwise be useless, I'd like to see it integrated into another perk, to make it more useful.

Also, Perfect Dark had a weapon that turned you invisible. IIRC, it wasn't very useful because of how quickly it drained your ammo. If you can't stay invisible for long, or can't move around easily when you are, like in Crysis, where the more you move the faster you lose your cloak, I think it could work just fine without any counter perk.
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User Info: Lilrosco

7 years ago#4
Miss that gun. Anyway I doubt that cloak will last that long probably 10 sec maybe 15 tops. Having infrared would be useless unless EVERYONE is man-handling the cloaking function in a match. The chances of that happening is slim IMO. As for combining it with radar jamming, I can't say much until I know more on how it works. Does it completely jam it or only when your not firing?
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User Info: SupahShnipa

7 years ago#5
Look at the Stalker armor ability in Halo: Reach, does the exact same thing and nobody uses it. Why? Because Invincibility and stealth are really limited in a Run-And-Gun shooter.
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User Info: Green_Tunic

7 years ago#6

From: SupahShnipa | Posted: 6/24/2010 8:14:17 PM | #005
Look at the Stalker armor ability in Halo: Reach, does the exact same thing and nobody uses it. Why? Because Invincibility and stealth are really limited in a Run-And-Gun shooter.

Well it's not that difficult to do really. I mean for example in Conduit 1 it was common for the two teams to stay within their own base area in Sanctum and basically snipe at each other as much as possible. During heavy gunfights people get distracted and I would almost always sneak (obviously being crouch walking) to the other side only to get each person on the other side because they were too busy.
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User Info: CelticLink94

7 years ago#7
It sounds like it would be bad, but you can't be invisible and shoot. So, while they may be able to sneak around unseen, they could never attack unseen. Also, when they were showing the secondary fire right after the gun had heated (so at its hottest moment), there were only about six seconds max that the person was invisible. So its not gonna be super overpowered.
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User Info: Mormon006

7 years ago#8
Is invisibility COMPLETELY invisible?? I always interpreted it as somewhat invisible. Otherwise, you could have a someone with some beast gun running around invisible getting OHKOs....
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