the headbanger headset

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User Info: toa1995

7 years ago#1
two things i want to know
1. is it wireless
2. if wired how long is the cord?

i have googled it and did not find it anywhere
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User Info: Lilrosco

7 years ago#2
Nope it isn't wireless, plug in via USB. As for cord length, can't say since there wasn't information about it.
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User Info: toa1995

7 years ago#3
k thanks i hope its a long enough cord
Gamers dont die......
they just respawn!

User Info: darkjedilink

7 years ago#4
Plug-in-headset for a system with Bluetooth capabilities is lame.
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User Info: donkeypunch1116

7 years ago#5
im actually cool with the fact that it is usb only. have you ever played with a bluetooth headset on ps3? the performance of those things are horrible...

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User Info: shotokanjav

7 years ago#6
My PS3 mic works pretty good. I think the Headbanger may be wired because Nintendo didn't really think about syching Blutooth headsets in the Wii's future. Where would you do it in the Wii's firmare?

Inconvience, I know, but it should be a big improvement over Wii Speak
Conduit 2 should support both.
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User Info: Neo-ganon

7 years ago#7

have no fear you guys. chances are, there will be copycat headsets from other game companies that are wireless.

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