Balancing act

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User Info: ddd87

7 years ago#21
^ easy, either hvs can make an option to do that automatically, or better, they can put an option for the host to manage team members.

User Info: BrownsM1

7 years ago#22
if a friend(s) joins the match, then they should be put on your team but other than that, if the match has all random people in it then it should do like I said in my other post. which I haven't been paying much attention but did they say we'll be able to party up with friends in this game?
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7 years ago#23
I REALLY REALLY REALLY want grenades with a pokeball texture on them.

What about pager mines, or trip wires?
Something for people to use to gather intel besides radar.

User Info: NoblWolf

7 years ago#24
Motion Sensor Stickies - You can throw these on the ceilings and stuff and they'll activate when someone passes by them. An alien claymore thing I suppose.

Poison Gas - Like a Smoke but actually deal damage if people walk through this. The catch is that it's invisible and you won't know you're walking through it until your taking damage.

Phaze 'Nade - Uses the same principle as the Phaze rifle in that it can go through walls. It has to be charged up though in order to go through walls. Useful to take out campers hiding in buildings.

Scatter Frag - Must reach a certain elevation in height in which it'll drop a clusterbomb load of tiny grenades. Could be useful to take out people camping in a higher location.
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User Info: Green_Tunic

7 years ago#25
My idea would be something similar to the Warp Pistol. You throw it at a wall and it explodes into mini-orbs like structures similar to the Warp Pistol's shots. Like the Warp Pistol they bounce off walls. The grenade doesn't actually damage anyone but it will mark any player on the map that the orbs stick onto. It's great for throwing into rooms or corners.
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User Info: The_Shader

7 years ago#26
Heres some grenades that might be a good idea to use.

Impacter: its a timed explosive that can be thrown, might be useful :/

Bright Light: Same as the impacter, but instead of harmful shrapnel and shockwaves, its just makes a very very blinding flash.
The inside out mini-microwave: it cooks outside instead of inside, and its tiny so you can throw it. its also covered with silly putty so it sticks to stuff.

There.... 3 brand new names for grenades that already do what grenades are meant to do. KILL STUFF.
(why does a game need a bunch of different exploding grenades that all do the same damn thing >_>)
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#27
I think people should consider how difficult it would be to program some of these grenades. Some of them are great ideas that would be impossible to program, some are bad ideas that would be easy to program, some are good ideas that would be fairly easy to program, and some are bad ideas that should just be ignored because they would take forever to make work, rape the framerate, crash the console, and wouldn't add anything even if they DID somehow work.

tripwire nades were a blast in Half Life. I'd love to see those return. If there's real-time movement/physics control, then a low/high-grav nade, ice nade, stick nade, and bounce nade need to be in the game if possible. A nade that works like the Translocator in UT would be fun, but might be hard to plan around because it could get to unreachable areas. A nade that goes through walls, and explodes as soon as it reaches the other side would be pretty fun, too.
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User Info: SmallerRidley

7 years ago#28

From: The_Shader | #026
(why does a game need a bunch of different exploding grenades that all do the same damn thing >_>)

Why do we need anything but the pistol? All guns do is shoot bullets when you pull the trigger.
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