check out this (fake) conduit movie trailer! its awesome.

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  3. check out this (fake) conduit movie trailer! its awesome.

User Info: Neo-ganon

7 years ago#1

this trailer editor guy is really good at what he does. tell me what you guys think of it.

User Info: BrownsM1

7 years ago#2
ok now that was one of the best fake trailers I've seen.
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User Info: MrFigsworth

7 years ago#3
Very nice.

User Info: bladester15

7 years ago#4
lol, if u didnt say it was fake, I probly would have been like...."holy crap a conduit movie"

User Info: Mormon006

7 years ago#5

User Info: Tony90908

7 years ago#6
Check out this one.!v=68zo_9I_vFc&feature=related

Made it myself.
TKO Tony

User Info: MKMaster93

7 years ago#7
Nice. Now I wanna see it! But why rated R? Shouldn't it be PG-13 because of the T rating for the games?
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User Info: 7Nobody5

7 years ago#8
i love the background music. the trailer would have been even better if just a glimpse of a drudge was seen. (a clear glimpse).

User Info: Michael0134567

7 years ago#9

Probably the best fake movie trailer I've ever seen :D

User Info: UltimateFlame13

7 years ago#10
Nice, too bad the maker couldn't find a way to show any drudge clearly. For someone who didn't know the story it doesn't really look like much of an alien invasion movie. Definitely gets the government conspiracy thing across though.
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  3. check out this (fake) conduit movie trailer! its awesome.

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