Scheduling TCon Matches for Tonight (Up to 8 People)

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User Info: Mormon006

7 years ago#1
Who's in?

User Info: Rigama

7 years ago#2

User Info: 01slayer

7 years ago#3
The Conduit FC: 4640-6730-3909/3008-7863-1605 (Slayer01/Slayer02)
Today is my birthday, secretly. (6/28)


7 years ago#4

Ahhhhhhhh. :)

User Info: donkeypunch1116

7 years ago#5
i would, but i got rid of tcon a little while ago. no one was playing anymore and the pubs went to complete ****

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User Info: Mr_L_

7 years ago#6
Im defintly in, but it depends what time?
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User Info: UnfoundedVirus

7 years ago#7
I'm in, depending on the time.
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User Info: MC_Brian1

7 years ago#8
Depending on what time, I may or may not play. I also might invite a friend.
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User Info: LigersRule

7 years ago#9
I would, except that I suck, and my parents always want to watch T.V. at night.
"There are two things that are infinite; The Universe and the stupidity of human beings. I'm not sure about the first." -Albert Einstein

User Info: incognito3

7 years ago#10
-signs- MOREEEEEEE MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!/1/!/1?1!!!?!1/1!!!!
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