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User Info: shotokanjav

7 years ago#1
Last night I played the final level of the Conduit. I haven't played in several months, mind you. The controls still felt instantly responsive and natural to me and I hade no problem aiming.

For the last several months my FPS fix has been Battlefield Bad Company 2. I understand that iron sights is a modern feature in many FPS's to help you aim. But as I was playing Conduit last night, the recticle on the screen was enough to have accurate aiming. To me iron sights were never needed on The Conduit.

With iron sights in Conduit 2, I would like to know if it A) essentially the zoom feature, or B) uses up another button. With a sprint feature enabled, the contols are looking pretty crowded on the Wiimote. Hopefully there are more motions available to compensate for this.

I suggest to HVS in the past, for example, that relaoding weapons should have an optional motion that can be assignhed to it.

So do you guys think iron sights are necessary in this game?
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User Info: UltimateFlame13

7 years ago#2
Iron sights will take the place of the scope button since weapons with iron sights don't have a scope. Sprint is just holding down the crouch button so it's not taking up any extra space either. Personally I don't think iron sights is necessary but some people like it so its not really hurting much.
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User Info: elheber

7 years ago#3
It appears the ADS (iron sights) will replace TCon's zoom, so no new buttons are needed.

Also, IF there are separate sensitivity settings for normal aiming and ADS, that would be SO SWEET and make it all worth it.
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