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User Info: MrFigsworth

7 years ago#31
I was always under the impression that John Adams was a codename. (And in the first trailer for TCon Adams says "You will be known as Mr. Ford"). I'm still not sure that Michael Ford is Ford's real name. But this was just the first trailer w/o Sorbo and the Shepards. Don't know if HVS changed that.

And what if Enlil took Adams' (the real Adams) body over? Just a thought. I'm not sure, but I don't think that Enlil was a Founding Father.

I think that the Anunaki that posed as humans changed their appearance. I've never been one for the whole "take over the mind" shtick. See, if Adams was possessed...that doesn't mean the body will live that long. I think Gordon Wells is on the right track. Humans could possibly be descendants of Anunaki that chose to take human form and live peaceably. Eventually we forgot, and we now die earlier because the Anunaki still bent on keeping things hidden...maybe to make it so Humanity doesn't remember its heritage (ah la Matrix). Gorden Wells stated humans were rumored to live up to 1000 years. Adams could have been an Anunaki from the start.

The thing is, I feel there is more to this than what the Conduit gave us as "Aliens vs Humans = Bad vs Good." Usually there are more forces at work than that. People spying, betraying, being double agents, or pretending to be on one side so as to build up a resistance to that side under their nose. If HVS and their new writer know what their doing, there could be a lot of internal strife between the remaining "pure" and the remaining "human" Anunaki.

Anyway, Adams is to pro US to really be a part of the Anunaki take over of Earth. I believe he's manipulating things so that the authoritarian Anunaki fall to the resistance that Adams basically played Ford into starting. Remember, this game is about conspiracies, so anything is possible. Adams has been planning a long time, and everything he's done to Ford could have been part of his plan. I'm willing to give Adams the benefit of the doubt to see what's actually going on. Prometheus seems to just be a neutral party in everything, basically an embodiment of what the truth is, truth does not denote trust. After all the trust symbol states that "Trust is the best lie of all trust." truth is facts, facts are history.

After all, you aren't paranoid, you are right. Anything we say here could be the correct reasoning behind what is going on, and at the same time it could not be. So come on and post your ideas guys, get your story brains working. Maybe Tony will stick his nose in here at some point to give his thoughts.

User Info: Cross_of_Snow

7 years ago#32
I haven't done much looking into things but I did come up with a few theories.

I believe Adams is referring to The second president of the US. If you check the 200 year gap he mentions in the credits (game takes place in 2012 I think) to john adams years of presidency, He was alive then. Also if you compare the facial features, minus the hair, they match up a little to well.

Another thing is that John Adams was the first president to live in the white house, thus explaining the messages and how they got there.

Also referring to the message "The Ducaz came before the Drudge", could this mean that George Washington was a Ducaz that failed at doing whatever he was suppose to be doing at the time? Maybe this was a sign that the Ducaz attempted what the Drudge succeeded?

User Info: coolman229

7 years ago#33
bump. Daos
We're glad we won you over to the fight for the earth.
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