now that we've all ******* and moaned about certain aspects of this game...

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  3. now that we've all ******* and moaned about certain aspects of this game...


7 years ago#21
I kinda agree, and disagree.

You shouldn't be able to consistently win. Because as you get better you should be fighting more skilled opponents.
High skill play has to be more than noob hunting.
And being good is more than winning more often, its winning against better people.

User Info: Sudsy86_

7 years ago#22

A while ago. Yes. I realized it's like people complaining to the government that they need to do this and that, because they had a bad experience with it. They're completely ignoring the reality of the system as a whole--which is pretty good.

Tcon was the same for me. I thought a lot of games were really competitive and fun. And, as a whole, the gameplay was really exciting. It had obvious issues, but, since it was possible to avoid them, I don't see why I shouldn't focus on the positives.

I'm irritated at the changes, but the fun part doesn't seem like it will change much. From a speculative view, I am very willing to accept whatever they give me.

User Info: _Azeal_

7 years ago#23
Lock On, as long as it cannot be exploited like in the first game, is fine with me.

Sure it gives newer players an advantage, but seriously I think that is better than to have no competition at all. Where is the fun knowing you can so easily beat your opponent? Giving them a little boost keeps it interesting for everyone.
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User Info: naruto3336

7 years ago#24

I really don't understand why they can't simply remove lock-on. The fans dislike it, it will make the game more challenging, and free up a button to use for something else. I have no idea how they are fitting everything in to the limited button options. They have ADS and sprint. With the possible inclusion of vehicles, there will be a need of another button or two. Removing lock-on can do wonders for this game.

User Info: Aile_Wing

7 years ago#25
^ Sprint and crouch occupy the same button. You hold the button to sprint, but only tap it to enter and exit out of a crouch. ADS and zoom will also share the same button.

I don't want lock-on removed since I know that a sizeable portion of the community desires to retain it. That being said, I would rather see the implementation of variants of all game modes where lock-on does not exist.
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User Info: Valdimir_Drega

7 years ago#26
^This would be ideal. I've always been below average on FPS skill level (probably due to my slightly impaired depth perception from my astigmatism). I lose sight of my enemies even while playing with dual-analogue; happened constantly on Halo, slightly less on MAG. Lock-on is helpful for me. I probably use it 75% of the time in C1 and 100% of the time in MP: Trilogy. I'd rather not have it removed.

However, I would greatly appreciate the option to play without it, just to see how I fare. Also, I can definately see where all of the 'core fans are coming from. Separate modes without lock-on would be a great addition, making this game accesible to all facets of the gaming community.
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  3. now that we've all ******* and moaned about certain aspects of this game...

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