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User Info: loser_02004

7 years ago#1
Well, for those who played the First game on MLG Ladders, you would know that it was very active until the end of the 1st season, then it became so dead that 3-4 teams were only active second season and GB took it down.
I had a A-Class 1st place undefeated team for a while *until a member had to leave us making us inactive*
It was called "Bounty Hunters"
1: MS-King
2: Kidlat
3: Jumpman (A Sniper so good he was constantly accused of auto-aim hacks until he provided video proof ownage
4: Ducky (Who left us due to home internet bill not being paid anymore)

This year were looking for another ownage team, but actually a team not just 4 Beasts. I know it's may be too early to be talking of this, so I shall bump a month before and the time during this game is out. It's just a heads up because last year I waited too long and all the main good players were taken.


you can rely that we will be good, but remember we'll need more players, so if you're interested go ahead and reply or whatever.
AIM is ncjacobt too *i know a lot of ppl have AIM*

FYI: We can get really competitive and are quite active with Wii Speak/upcoming headset.
CoD MS~King 4899 6641 5938

User Info: tconslayer

7 years ago#2

Hey id like to join but i kinda already got a clan

Me (slayer) , Simok1234, Thekid07, and richard/jugrnaut.

Its just a simple four person clan but we havent come up with a name yet.

User Info: loser_02004

7 years ago#3
If you're all the real deal why not migrate to mine?
Mines an all-star legitimate team.
CoD MS~King 4899 6641 5938

User Info: Brownprouder23

7 years ago#4
Yeah, I don't see why you're putting this so early. The game is still months away. It might not be exactly the same as Conduit 1, you know.

User Info: ryudo_dragoon

7 years ago#5
I think competitively, this game is going to have major changes hitting it.
So yes, this is quite early and a bit presumptuous. :P
"I have absolutely no idea how to even remotely respond to this thread.
Congrats on making my brain explode." - HVS Tony

User Info: incognito3

7 years ago#6
Dude, Bounty Hunters was my first TCon clan. lol.
It became inactive as i joined it so i tried to keep it alive but it didnt really work.

Me and Orlando....good times man....

BTW, didnt the leader live in Dominican Republic if im not mistaken?
Supporter of Daos for Con of duty 2!MH3 is FTM (For the...meh)!TPC and SMAW is win.
Call me Incognito(3), Martian, Pwnage, or THE ranter, if you would please.

User Info: loser_02004

7 years ago#7
Aha ^^^ A rip-off of my team?
You weren't on my bounty hunters team neither was any Orlando, unless you have other aleous' then nope.
And it is early but me and Jumpman become pros at any game we get so were quite reliable.

I just want to keep this open if anyone early on notices they're better than the average bear and wants a legitimate team. See ya soon!
CoD MS~King 4899 6641 5938
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