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User Info: HVSTony

7 years ago#1
So lock-on.....

I am pleased to announce that there will be a playlist featuring NO radar and NO lock-on.

Never say HVS doesn't listen to its fans :)


User Info: ddd87

7 years ago#2
Excelent news. That will spot trolling in the board!

Those are game modes or options?

User Info: Cleon3600

7 years ago#3
It's a playlist, so it must mean most of the modes.
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User Info: HVSTony

7 years ago#4
--all of the modes.


User Info: CelticLink94

7 years ago#5
Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! HVSTony, you are the man!... As well as the other people at HVS, but you told us so.... Hooray!
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User Info: LigersRule

7 years ago#6
Wow, Tony. You rule. HVS is like the best company, ever.
"There are two things that are infinite; The Universe and the stupidity of human beings. I'm not sure about the first." -Albert Einstein

User Info: toa1995

7 years ago#7
i use lock on but this makes me so happy i can see how good i really am
Gamers dont die......
they just respawn!

User Info: Valdimir_Drega

7 years ago#8
Wonderful! A compromise that'll leave everyone with a smile on their faces. I personally never wanted lock-on removed, but I greatly appreciate the option...and the shirt.
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User Info: UltimateFlame13

7 years ago#9
Wow this is great news to wake up to :D. Tony, you and HVS are awesome. Thanks for listening to the fans like always.
Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been -Albert Einstein
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User Info: Sudsy86_

7 years ago#10

I'm not getting it. Does this mean there will always be the option for no radar/ lock-on? Or was that just his way of saying it has been removed?

Either way, don't blame me for camping hard now.

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