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User Info: ddd87

7 years ago#31
The phase rifle kinda is a drudge weapon... Uses radiation and the shot looks like the charged strike rifle shot.

User Info: The_Shader

7 years ago#32
(i already thought of 2 weapon ideas in this thread but whatever, heres 2 more.)

Coming up with something new and unique THAT WORKS is time consuming, but both hard.

(Heres a heavy, slow firing weapon. the 'Irradiator')
Since this game contains players with abundant health, this beast of a weapon attacks a certain percentage of how much health a character has at the moment.

For example... i have 100% health, the gun ALWAYS takes away 20% of what health i have. After i'm hit once, i got 80% health left, then after getting hit again, i'm left with 64%. each time shedding away 20% of whats there.

its basically the 'Gravity' magic attack from final fantasy, but made into a gun. Note that this gun cant kill very well but would work wonders with a secondary weapon. its alternative fire is a VERY short range burst that can hit many multiple targets.

(Here's a melee weapon. the 'Devourer')
Think of the Hive Cannon, but put big teeth, an claws where it shoots. This melee weapon is not instant kill, it instead does the same amount of damage as a normal melee attack. As a twist, with each melee strike that connects, the 'Devourer' glows from within and after enough chomps out of enemy players, you can shoot powerful, and accurate shots of acquired bio-mass.

As the Alternate Fire, it shoots a bit of saliva that 'tags' enemy players for you and your team. it laster longer for you as you weild the Devourer, but only lasts for a few seconds for your team.

.... there... it took awhile to type (wii net) but took very little brain power to think of.
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User Info: metroidfan66

7 years ago#33

macqman posted...
you guys have got this all wrong. this isnt some lame e rated game with magical flying bugs and stuff. its a combat game.

first of all, theyre needs to be a human sniper. the scar doesnt cut it. maybe a .50 calibre.

instead of the mp5, how about an m16. after all, the main gun used in real life is the m16.

there needs to be a drudge sniper that fires a charged strike rifle shot for its normal shot. limited ammo and hard to get.

and definately NO flash bangs.
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You're right. instead it has awesome flying alien bugs... but seriously, the hive cannon is ALIVE. it sceeches when you put it on your arm. These arent some lame generic green aliens in flying saucers that have really big heads and advanced machinery, these are the drudge. Also note how I said that this is a topic where you can post even your craziest weapon ideas, which also means if you are going to post in this topic, you have to accept the fact that people are posting whatever crazy ideas they may want to and that you should not be telling people not to be creative. >.> I should know that there ARE in fact flying bugs in TCon. I HATED them.

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