It has aim assist?

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User Info: GrnTarsier

7 years ago#1
So i was watching this vid: and at the 2:51 mark it looks like the camera is following the opponent even though the player clearly doesn't have lock on and the reticle isn't moving the camera. Or am I just seeing things?

here's the test i did. I placed my finger on the target in the video. My finger stayed on the target even though he strafed left and right. I did not move my finger.

If this is aim assist I hope it's removed from the hardcore mode.

User Info: frogloe

7 years ago#2
Dunno why they'd have it in this game but not the last one. :\ Lock on seems like enough of a problem anyways.

User Info: Green_Tunic

7 years ago#3
I didn't see anything strange. And an easy explanation for what you're "seeing" would be the fact that the player could have moved without actually moving the reticule causing the camera to shift.

HVS is smart and I doubt they would implement such a camera system because that would be lead to very sticky gunfights.
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User Info: elheber

7 years ago#4
During the reload animation, the aiming reticule is gone so you can't see what I think was the player coincidentally and accidentally moving the wiimote at the spots the enemy happened to be in.

Also, it seems that player's head-tilt sensitivity setting is very high or his deadzone very small, which would look a lot like aim assist if you're pretty accurate with the wiimote.

That's my guess. I've seen nothing else to suggest it has a non-lock-on aim assist.
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#5
Could just be that you can't see the lock on box, or it's a different setting for lock-on that doesn't have a box.
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User Info: 7Nobody5

7 years ago#6
or maybe there is gonna be the option to switch off aim assist.
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