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User Info: tconslayer

7 years ago#11

i dnt have a prob with it i do like the sights and all that shows you how accurate the gun is. Now im obsessed with the phase rifle and all cause well its a sniper its gonna be great someone randomly shooting at a building and it goin through and killing someone to win the game its gonna b no scope madness

User Info: coolman229

7 years ago#12
I really liked the expanding circle reticle for TCon. I hope they make that an option for human weapons.
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User Info: The_Shader

7 years ago#13
Everything about a gun in a game defines it, even the reticule. i personally love every one of Conduits weapon reticules, and how they change.

OH, and now they added a red reticule inside your crosshair whenever you hit someone!!! that with the Death Skull... .... someone needs to make a Topic about the Death Skull and new hit marker...
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User Info: elheber

7 years ago#14
Oh, a Perk/Suit-Upgrade that shows a fake Death Skull to the enemy when you're about to die! Nothing is safe!
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User Info: The_Shader

7 years ago#15
..... They already do that... you know the thing that pops up on your screen in TCon after you kill someone? THATS the 'Death Skull' i'm referring to.

They added a thing to it now so the person you just killed will pop up under the skull.
Sparkster returns after 16 years in..... "Rocket Knight"
My Alias for Conduit= "Shader" Monster Hunter Tri= "Deimos"

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