SP better be epic

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User Info: SupahShnipa

7 years ago#1
though MW2 multiplayer was unbalalanced and broken, the SP was still epic with moments like these:


We need Hans Zimmer to do the soundtrack as well.
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User Info: Tony90908

7 years ago#2
Indeed his music is truly epic.

Got to be my favorite work by him. ^
TKO Tony

User Info: Simok123

7 years ago#3
its good but not really "conduit".....this sounds like your tipical movie song but is good.

User Info: Simok123

7 years ago#4
btw im talking about the new conduit music i heard

User Info: The_Shader

7 years ago#5
^ what new conduit music? where? WHERE???? ANSWER ME DAMN YOU!
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User Info: TCJuan

7 years ago#6
simok, nobody has heard the new music.. the only music i hear was the metal music added to the gametrailers one and the backround music (from other booths) from E3
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User Info: psychobrew

7 years ago#7
I fail to see what makes those moments so epic. The first video showed typical FPS gameplay followed by a boring cut scene. I have no idea what you're trying to show with the second link.

User Info: Phasmatis92

7 years ago#8
Too many games these days neglect single player in favour of multiplayer.

Yes, Con2 needs great multiplayer, but the campaign needs to be equally strong.

Not a fan of MW2, I hope Con2 is nothing like it.

User Info: MKMaster93

7 years ago#9
Starfox Assault's SP was epic! First, (I am going in order) you puncture the enemy's frontline, then fight through a base, fight a nasty boss, then travel to another base and fight another boss, clear out an enemy hideout and have a fight, tread though frigid snow and ice in a blizzard, blast through an astroid belt, elimnate enemies on a peaceful planet, survive in a war-torn city, protect a space station from hundreds of enimies, fight the enemy on their own turf, and kill the leader.

Is that not epic enough? Oh yes. One of your allies sacrifices himself to save you and your team.
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User Info: bladester15

7 years ago#10
^^ Star Fox Assault was a pretty good game, the only thing I have to complain about in it was the fast that I didnt like the controls.
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