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User Info: MyIronLungX

7 years ago#81
Where am I?!?!? I was one of THE best.
The Conduit 1 FC- 4512 - 3098 - 2971

User Info: 01slayer

7 years ago#82
No recognition for Slayer01. ):
The Conduit FC: 4640-6730-3909/3008-7863-1605 (Slayer01/Slayer02)
Pokemon Diamond FC: 4941 8024 0897

User Info: Icuras08

7 years ago#83
Can I join the list? I also go by the name "Cleon3600" too.
Monster Hunter Tri: Zelgius
Give me Liberty, or give me pizza pie!

User Info: MC_Brian1

7 years ago#84
*casually walks in*

Sup? Lemme just sign in here.

Later guys!

*walks out*
no wonder fox's father died... dumbass was wearing shades in space - gameheadache
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