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User Info: UltimateFlame13

7 years ago#11
curses >_>
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User Info: Icuras08

7 years ago#12
You know what's dumb? My main account was suspended for spoiling Conduit 2's plot.

Monster Hunter Tri: Zelgius
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User Info: ghost_of_a_man

7 years ago#13
The text on the bottom of the boxart could tell wii shooter fans that don't track video games and their release dates that this game has several multiplayer options, and could definitely help the game sell.
Daos (Doritos and Orange Soda) for Con2 currency name. I support this.

User Info: Icuras08

7 years ago#14
Yeah, it does look like it provokes interest into the normal window shoppers.
Monster Hunter Tri: Zelgius
Give me Liberty, or give me pizza pie!

User Info: RyokoWins

7 years ago#15
Eh I don't really like it. It reminds me of those terrible knock-off movies that are trying too hard to be cool. The fact that it has features on the front of the box doesn't help. If they make it a good game though, it shouldn't matter.

User Info: MrFigsworth

7 years ago#16
Remember how the special edition for Conduit was simple? It was the Trust symbol, or the masonic pyramid symbol with the ASE embedded in it. I thought that was rather interesting as people would connect it to the dollar bill and go "what's that?". I didn't mind the normal box art, as it did show Mr. Ford with his Trust armor, which was nice, I agree it could have been better but still.

Now then, I think the special editions should keep to their mysterious and fogy design, and the perfect candidate for a simple cover would be this art that we saw awhile ago here:

the normal art could be the three guys pointing guns towards the viewer. This would make the specia editions unique, especially if the third one has another simple design. Think about it, the first one was the symbol of the conspiracy, the second is the gateways, what could the third be? If there is a third, it would be interesting to see what simplistic design they could use, my idea is to use the symbol for Prometheus as he is the begin all end all of the story. The one who started the fight against Adams in the first place.

That's my two cents, what do you guys think?

User Info: The_Shader

7 years ago#17
its called Success when something trys to be cool, and makes it ****ing happen.

As for what this Special Edition should be.... (pause)

How about the Annunaki symbol on the cover? or a special symbol from Atlantis?
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