attn: HVSTony: a last-ditch effort...

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User Info: SupahShnipa

7 years ago#21
"Looking into it."

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User Info: mr-scavenger

7 years ago#22
XD ^
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User Info: LigersRule

7 years ago#23
Actually, that's a pretty good sign.... He said the same thing about Lock-On, didn't he?
Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something. -Thomas A. Edison
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User Info: donkeypunch1116

7 years ago#24
lmao i bet that everytime hvstony sees one of my posts, he automatically takes out his official "looking into it" stamp and slams it down on my topic XD

considering how awesome the last "looking into it" response i got turned out to be (the reveal of the hardcore mode), i can definitely say that im happy to have this topic stamped as well :)

to hvstony: thanks a ton for even considering it man. you are a legend among legends, a gentleman and a scholar. keep up the awesome work :P

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User Info: Thecheatcode

7 years ago#25
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]
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  3. attn: HVSTony: a last-ditch effort...

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