Tony and HVS spoiled you guys hard

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User Info: LigersRule

7 years ago#21
Most fighting games tell you all secret characters before it comes out, if you are looking at the sources. Brawl just had more widely known sources. HVS just told everybody everything all at once, and now people expect more of the same.
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User Info: LHS_2012

7 years ago#22
really? they told us everything? everything in the whole game? so nothing that hasnt already been revealed would be in the final build, even though the game isnt done yet?
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User Info: Fluxy1223

7 years ago#23
^No they haven't
I think too much, and not in a smart way.....
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User Info: ryudo_dragoon

7 years ago#24

It's pretty much assumed where the single player will be going from all the information, pretty much every new gun is known and most of its functions along with the newer abilities. Other than the individual details of the maps (probably based on the single player settings) all or most modes are known about and have a decent amount of details or strong assumptions of how they play. The controls are already known to be like The Conduit(they better be smart and already realize that is a BAD thing without lock-on and have changed it) and the main edits like the nerf to jumping and ADS are already known.

The very details of the environments or some new mode/weapon/perk are the only things I can possibly think of them releasing information on but it doesn't seem to likely there are more new weapons. The newer weapons seemed to be parts of the uniqueness of C2 that Tony was trying to put out to get people interested at C2.

Also, I'd like to see Sega spoil me a bit, with some eye candy trailer... I want to drool from it.

*looks back* I think I started thinking too much.... I hope it was in a good way because I'm posting this after all that typing...
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  3. Tony and HVS spoiled you guys hard

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