Every Alt. Fire yet

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User Info: Simok123

7 years ago#1
I figured I'd name every single alt fire yet. Note that some have 3 fires.
USP45: pistol. Alt. Fire: iron sight
MP5K: SMG. Alt. Fire: iron sight
SPAS12: shotgun. Alt. Fire: iron sight
SCAR: assault rifle. Alt. Fire: Scope
SMAW: rocket launcher. Alt. Fire: Scope

Deatomizer Mk: shoots energy. Alt Fires: Scope and Charged Shot
TPC Launcher: shoots power cells. Alt. Fire: Lays mines
Cabonizer: shoots a lazer. Alt. Fire Changed shot (not 100% sure)

Strike Rifle: Shoots Biomass. Alt Fires: Zoomed eye and Charged Shot
Warp Pistol: Shoots Biomass that bounces off walls. Alt. Fire: Charged Shot
Hive Cannon: Shoots bugs. Alt. Fire: Shoots a honey glob that stick to people. Every bug will go near it.
Shieker: Shoots guided rockets. Alt Fire: (unknown) (maybe the guided rocket aiming)

HVS45: a powerful pistol. Alt. Fire: Iron sight
Deatomizer M9: always charged shot. Alt. Fire: Scope
Striker: an automatic Strike Rifle. Alt. Fire: zoomed eye

Sheild Gun: shoots plasma (not 100% known). Alt. Fire: Shoots ammo back
Turret: Shoots plasma. Alt. Fire: auto Fire
Phase Rifle: Shoots a powerful sniper shot. Alt. Fires: Scope and Shoots through walls
AR-C Eclipes: shoots single shots. Alt. Fires: Iron Sight and Cloaking

User Info: UltimateFlame13

7 years ago#2

From: Simok123 | #001
Alt. Fire Changed shot (not 100% sure)

correct. charged shot like a spartan laser.
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User Info: Gami97

7 years ago#3
Has the HVS.45 been conformed?
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User Info: SmallerRidley

7 years ago#4

From: Simok123 | #001
Sheild Gun: shoots plasma (not 100% known). Alt. Fire: Shoots ammo back

Surely there's no problem with them putting me in Brawl, right?
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User Info: Simok123

7 years ago#5
^ yeah. As you can see, theres ammo at the top of the sceen by the gun icons. And thats different ammo then the ones token by the bad guys. And if you keep watching him play, he shoots the "plasma"
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