Are new VA's confirmed?

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User Info: Bigmac909

7 years ago#1
If so who's new?

User Info: UltimateFlame13

7 years ago#2
The Sheppard's are returning iirc. That's Adams and Ford. It's rumored that Hercules (Prometheus) will likely be back but I don't think we've had an official confirmation from HVS or sega yet.
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User Info: Simok123

7 years ago#3
Prometheous if coming back. So the whole cast yay :D!

User Info: Icuras08

7 years ago#4
That's really sweet! 1 of my only fears is fixed.
All we need need is some invasion Leviathan footage now.
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User Info: ddd87

7 years ago#5
When it was sorbo confirmed to return?

User Info: Bigmac909

7 years ago#6
Thanks God the father-son team is returning. I love Adams voice and I find it epic that his VA is Ford's VA's dad.
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  3. Are new VA's confirmed?

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