I hate being that guy on Reaper where..

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User Info: ocarinaoftasi

7 years ago#1
Your team is getting owned hard and your kills alone make up half your team's kill count, and you still lose the match anyway. I just played that and I had a kill streak of like 15, if I would have died 1 more time we would have lost. Lame online scrubs. I usually am not that good online but sometimes it's a noob-infested group.
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User Info: Mr_L_

7 years ago#2
Pretty much all of public players are terrible scrubs, id lead my team in kills almost all of the time except for for the rare occasion someone else good is playing. Its one of the many reasons why i switched to private matches
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User Info: _Azeal_

7 years ago#3
I had one of those today. My whole team was people who barely knew how to shoot, while the other team we experts. I joined the game and the scores were like 19-128. I had to go after playing a little while, but I helped get our score up to about 75ish, and the other team was at 150ish. I barely had a kill streak since it was also 4 vs. 6, so I was dying a lot, but would take out at least two guys before they got me.

It was fun though. I hope Con2 has a system that evens the teams out. Because you know, like yeah.
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User Info: SupahShnipa

7 years ago#4
This is why we need a Party system.

Also, this is 10 times worse in objective based modes.
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User Info: wilzthewild

7 years ago#5
hey shut up im one of those people!
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