New Idea... Partner Syetem.

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7 years ago#1
Its like a party system, kinda, but I actually came up with the idea thinking of something different.

So, Many times I'll be playing online with random people. And sometimes I'll get those Noobs who just don't know how to play the game really. So I'll shoot to get their attention, and squat to have them follow me, etc. And I give them some basic instructions as good as I can when my only communication tools are shooting, jumping, and squatting. ( They should really integrate some sort of way for us to nod or shake our head or something... )

Anyway, the biggest problem with working with someone. Weather it be a NOOB you are showing the ropes, or a fellow ninja who you're able to work well with is... They may or may not be on your team the next match. Now, if they're at your skill level that can be fun, because then they take the role as your rival. BUT...

What if HVS intigrated a system for Team Reaper where you are paired up with a person that would stay on the same team as you until one of you either left, or selected to un-pair in the lobby.

That would give a HUGE incentive to work with people, in a system where working with someone is pretty difficult. If its a noob, working with him a little now benifits you a lot more than if you're just going to end up swaping teams the next match.
But not only that, but having the system in place would be really Implicit that you're SUPPOSED to work with your partner. You complain about not being able to rely on your teammates for support in TCON, This is something that would REALLY re-enforce that Idea.

Taking the idea even further... Friends and Rivals matches.
Now, I'm not totally a fan of Voice chat. Some people just want to talk, I really just want to play. Having closed radio system between teams I'm not a fan of either really. I think gameplay benifits from somewhat restricted communication.

So the Idea I came up with here...
You can Voice chat with your 'Partner' anywhere on the map.
But in the 'base' communication channels are open to all team members in the area.
I like this idea because, It makes the base A LOT more of a Real base, Not just a label or a name.
The base would be somewhere where you can communicate with all the rest of the members of the team, Produce strategies on the large scale, then execute them working primarily with your partner. I could even imagine it going like "When ___ happens, we come back here, and decide what to do" Or even having a single team in the base, who's job is, besides guarding it, To relay info back and forth between teams as they come and go.

This is the sort of restricted, but not intrusive sort of communication that I think gameplay could really benifit from.
And, I think it does, at least in some degree, satisfy what people are looking for in a party system.

Anyway, Just an Idea I'm throwing out, I'm curious as to what you all think of it.

User Info: _Azeal_

7 years ago#2
A partner system would be cool, I just worry it may lead to only the skilled people pair with other skilled people, leaving all the newish people stuck on the same team. If there is some way to keep the teams still even, then I'm all for that.
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User Info: Fluxy1223

7 years ago#3
YAY, yet another Idea from Halo Reach.
I think too much, and not in a smart way.....
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7 years ago#4
"YAY, yet another Idea from Halo Reach."

You sure you're not generalizing, what's Reaches thing like exactly?

User Info: Icuras08

7 years ago#5
I'd be very ok with a party system for only 2-3 people.
Just to have a familiar face in the sea of strangers.
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User Info: ocarinaoftasi

7 years ago#6
I hate hauling noobs around with me, I usually chill by myself and get kills. When someone tries to take my camping spot, it's a mixed bag. A noob, I shoot and flash them to signal to get out. If it's someone who's doing good, I won't be afraid to buddy up. I once let someone have my precious garage in Streets with the platform and wall while I watched his back by killing people coming inside.
The wizard did it.
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7 years ago#7
If you playing teams, you're going to be teamed up with noobs no matter what.
Treating them like they aren't on your team Really isn't doing anyone any good...

User Info: MC_Brian1

7 years ago#8
YAY, yet another Idea from Halo Reach.

...What? Really... What?
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