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User Info: tconslayer

7 years ago#1

you know how you do really good in a match and half way through and a hacker comes in then you want to quit but if you quit you will loose all of your xp.

Solution: have a deduction taken of like 25%

User Info: sunfalcon9

7 years ago#2

User Info: Z1LVER12

7 years ago#3

User Info: _Kidlat_

7 years ago#4
No, just keep all the xp you would have earned
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User Info: SupahShnipa

7 years ago#5
Are you tconslayer?
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User Info: tconslayer

7 years ago#6

no there should be a deduction because your quitting so like a 25% of your xp is lost because you quit

User Info: MrFigsworth

7 years ago#7 quit because of a hacker...and loose your xp...because of a hacker...that makes a WHOLE lot of sense...yes it much...its should get the Nobel peace prize...oh wait...I'm sorry...I heard they ran out...a hacker stole them all...guess you'll have to quit life and loose 25% xp for something a hacker is to blame for...oh well.

User Info: Korby9000

7 years ago#8
Or you could just suck it up, get your xp at the end of the match, and get out.
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User Info: Icuras08

7 years ago#9
He means you get to keep 25% the exp you make in the single match.
In Conduit 1, if you quit, you get no exp. tcon wants it to be more benevolent.
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User Info: dacheatcode

7 years ago#10
Are you tconslayer?
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