just for kicks, i was reading some old conduit reviews/previews...

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User Info: DaLagga

7 years ago#11
Because it WAS just another shooter with aliens. And the worst part is, it wasn't even a good shooter with aliens. How else were reviewers supposed to score it when this type of game has not only been done countless times but also done much better years ago? The game brings nothing new to the table at all, and most of the basic gameplay elements are weak and poorly implemented. And the terrible art design, bad framerate, and laggy online only made the experience just that much worse.

Look at game like Goldeneye on the N64. How well do you think it would score if it were released today instead of 13 years ago? I'd be amazed if any site gave it higher than a 4/10. The fact is, once certain standards are set, games that fall considerably short of them are looked down on far more harshly than they would have been had they been released before those new standards existed. Some games are more timeless like story-driven RPG's. But when it comes to generic shooters that have plots that aren't worth the paper they were written on, it all comes down to gameplay mechanics and content. And The Conduit was just devoid of both.

"Some said its just like everyother shooter on every other consle. WHAT DID THEY EXPECT? The point of the game was to give people on the wii, a shooter more commonly found on an Xbox or PS3. the 2nd one is more of something new."

That's the problem. A game should not score higher just because it's on the Wii where standards are much lower. It isn't as if the Wii is a hand-held system or anything. It serves the same gaming purposes as a PS3, x360, or PC and should therefore be held to the same standards as other platforms. And by those standards, The Conduit just plain failed because it really was nothing more than a generic alien shooter that did everything worse than what other games had done years ago. And obviously The Conduit couldn't compete graphically because it's held back by the last gen hardware in the Wii. But at the very least they could have made up for it with superb art design and content, but they didn't.

User Info: Valdimir_Drega

7 years ago#12
I strongly, and I mean strongly, disagree with the storyline in TCon not being worth the paper it was written on. If you did even a little exploration into the meanings of the secret messages, it was both very compelling and educational. Even Michael Ford's name is taken from a novel involving a revolution in Ireland (IIRC, lol).

Mr. Ford was also a former secret service member. Now, the higher eschelons of the secret service know much more about what goes on behind the scenes of our government than even the president. In fact, the secret service plays an important role in giving the president his initial office briefing. When Obama came out of his first office briefing, he was basically pale in the face. Hence, the backstory possibilities for Mr. Ford are virtually unlimited.

Also, Mr. Adams is referred to at the end of the game as Enlil. Enlil is a Mesopotamian wind god which the ancient Hebrews assocaited with Satan. The Illuminati, a real-world organization steeped with conspiracy theory, was started by Adam Weishaupt, a man with a deep history in the occult.

Now I'm not saying that HVS is going to take the story in that direction. Personally, I think that would be rather weird, but it leaves a lot of room to expand the Conduit storyline and universe exponentially. IMO, the conspiracy angle is probably the best possible angle they could have taken an alien invasion storyline.

Just saying...
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  3. just for kicks, i was reading some old conduit reviews/previews...

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