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User Info: The_Noah01

7 years ago#21
"Seeing as how the original ran at abysmal framerates any time the action would heat up (15-20fps was common), they may have had to make sacrifices in order to improve performance. "

Game is running at up to 70 fps. Can't say if thats online or offline though, that
still left to speculation.
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User Info: DaLagga

7 years ago#22
"My current schooling and my Inside the Making of Halo 2 disk say otherwise."

I'm not sure what school you're attending or why you think a PR video by Bungie is relevant, but the reality is that graphics are pretty well set very early on in development. They have to be because all of the ingame assets have to be designed around the graphical abilities of the engine in relation to just how much the system can handle. You don't design most of the game and then work on a way to improve your lighting system. That would just be poor design and would not result in a game that really maximized the hardware.

I was just reading an article earlier today that is related to this same thing. They developed a method for SW:Force Unleashed 2 to make it appear as if it were running at 60fps without placing extra demand on the hardware once motion blur was disabled. But it won't be used in the final product despite amazing results. And why? Because it wasn't built into their development model from the start and so many in-game elements may have needed to be changed if it were implemented.

The bottom line is, you aren't going to see huge tech improvements after the development on the core game is well underway. Any exception would again just be bad design.

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Stating facts about the limitations of the Wii remote is not trolling. In any case, good to see you again man.

"Game is running at up to 70 fps. Can't say if thats online or offline though, that
still left to speculation."

Unless they made massive graphical cuts there is no way the game is running anywhere even close to 60+fps. I mean sure, if you look at the floor or a wall you may hit 70fps. But in-game, you can rest assured that they are targeting 30fps. It's just a question of whether they will be able to properly design the game this time around to maintain that framerate or if it will frequently drop frames like the first game.


7 years ago#23

They don't have the game running full force while they are still working on it.
While they may have everything planned out, and while the graphic engine may be complete already, that doesn't mean the screens we see have everything fleshed out.

Its silly not to expect what we've already gotten. We're seeing so many more objects in the game, and much more saturated environments. Why would they have added all that if it meant having worse graphics than the first game?

User Info: Phasmatis92

7 years ago#24
The fact that the first game looked much better on release than it did in early footage speaks volumes.

User Info: LigersRule

7 years ago#25
Wow.. are you serious? You think game developers develop their games DIRECTLY on the console? Games are developed on the PC with development tools such as an SDK Development Kit. People don't make games directly on the console >_>.

It's almost like I said directly at the end of my post....

I know I'm stupid on this matter, but that doesn't sound right.

Almost like I was expecting to be wrong... Oh, but who would have expected to you read the entire post before responding? I certainly don't.
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User Info: Valdimir_Drega

7 years ago#26
Graphics in the first game were very well executed in certain areas of the first game. Chapters 8 and 9 are good examples, and the lop-sided building you have to walk through in Homeland is another. This is mostly due to the fact that more artistic style was put into these specific areas.

The graphics in C2's preview materials aren't much different on the technical side, and I doubt they will be when the final product is released (aside from a few shaders which are also noticeable in the demo). The only thing that's really changing is a better art style, and a greater demand on in-game first-person cinematics. In addition, I'm pretty sure that the E3 demos were run on processors very similar to Wii, and they have a massive boss that pops in and out of the scenes frequently. I remember Tony saying that the Levithan has around 4 times the amount of polygons compared to the Invaders. Don't forget the ocean swells that animate at the same time, and the oil derrick that it's ripping apart.

I didn't see framerate drops in the SP demo even after all that, and I don't expect to see them in the final product.

On the multiplayer side of things, the direct feed footage includes plenty of more streamlined animations as well. The death animations are better, the reload animations look more natural, and the melee animation is actually included in online play unlike the first game. Don't forget the environmental hazzards, and mounted turrets. I highly doubt that those subtle additions will cause horrendous problems for the Wii's processor when compared to C1. The original X-Box could handle similar effects without a hitch and with 16 online players. Wii (though it has different strengths and weaknesses) shouldn't have much problem with it either, especially since it's a little more powerful overall.
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User Info: Icuras08

7 years ago#27
The character models increased greatly too.
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User Info: ddd87

7 years ago#28
Single player is where the graphics are at their fullest. We have seen only a bit of the first level, with the weather and the level design alone, its better looking than the first game.
Multiplayer needs performance and framerate over visuals, so I wouldn't be surprised if a few effects were removed.

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

7 years ago#29
I didn't see framerate drops in the SP demo even after all that

I did~
Looked like it hit around 20fps when stuff was blowing up. Maybe less.
But, this is off memory. I haven't seen it in a while.

Game is running at up to 70 fps. Can't say if thats online or offline though, that
still left to speculation.

I can run Crysis at over 100fps on the highest settings. That never stopped it from dropping below 1fps in some cases.

IIRC, the framerate, last we heard, was between 15 and 70fps during multiplayer.(worst and best noted scenario by the development team.) That's the min and max, however. I remember the average being somewhere below 60, but above 30. 40, maybe?
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