IF HVS were to do a beta launch, this is how they should do it.

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6 years ago#1
Ok, So I just a few weeks ago launched my own Beta for something I've been working on for a couple years. No, its not software. Its actually a longboard truck, if anybody knows what that is :p

Anyway, so I'm a designer, I'm in charge of the Youtube/Facebook viral marketing, And I also basically do what HVS Tony does here, Except I do it on longboard forums. blah blah blah, whatever.

Anyway, Based on our philosophy, and my experience...
What I suggest for HVS is that if they do a beta run, It needs to be limited. VERY limited.
Maybe 350 people. A small enough number that HVS can stay in close contact, and retain a lot of control.
To sign up for the beta, I'd make people fill out an application form. A BIG, LONG, ANNOYING application form. make it take 15 min+ Include questions pertaining to who they play with, Their Youtube channel ( if any ) what gaming communities they participate in ( if any ) etc.
And then lastly. Once accepted, Possibly charge for the beta download ticket, $20 or something ( refundable if they leave the beta program, OR it would go towards a pre-order if they stayed. )

Now the idea would be...
-The limited number of people accepted makes the beta more appealing, The goal here would to hype the beta ALMOST like a contest.
-The screening, AND the money would both help discourage people who are not totally enthusiastic about the game, and not going to experience/relay negative impressions.
-The questions would help determine which people have the potential to spread the word Most about Con2. They could select people who: Go to forums, and are active participants, Have active following on YT, Actually makes videos regularly, ETC!
-So, these people, ALL of them with resources, Being such a small group... HVS would have the control to organize/influence them, and actually get the word out.
-Flop side of the organization. HVS will be able to use them to get much better feedback, Especially for balancing out the game.
-Once these players have made such an invenstment in the beta ( between the application, and the possible downpayment ) they become MUCH more involved. Once you're invested in something, you've sort of obligated yourself to be involved. That combined with ACTUAL involvement, playing a Significant part. To them, its no longer a game. Its something that is going to reflect them.


6 years ago#2

Ok, so Imagine this scenario.
A large group of people, HVS has them organized, They're good players. Many of them posting video's of online team matches. Lets see... How many video's do you think this group could get up in the beta period prior to launch? Is 200 a realistic number?
What about 287?

Yeah.... If they could just get 100 video's out, Pre-launch. Looking good, with the players LOVING IT, and Talking about how much they love it.
Its already has more face than Tcon does now.
But, you know what else? If there was a small limited number of people releasing CON2 videos... You could bet these people would be getting a lot of subscribers and views. And where there are subs, there is search priority. So, by focusing videos on a number of hotspots, you're also manipulating the search engine.

What about for Forums?
Wouldn't it be great to have a couple hundred people out there that you could ask questions about the game, Someone besides just HVS_Tony? With a couple hundred people, we'd almost certainly be seeing a number of them frequenting here.
If it was just a HUGE beta launch, like reach... It wouldn't be such a big deal being able to talk to people who know stuff. You all know how stimulating "ATTN HVS_TONY" has been for the forum here. For both discussion, and hype.

Ok, so what would be needed for this to be possible?
Well, The biggest challenge is file size, and dealing with Nintendo. And then dealing with Sony.

-File size, The beta would NEED to be download ONLY. That is the only way SECURE enough on the wii for a beta launch. it would SUCK if hackers/pirates got a hold of a beta disk.

The other Hurtle would actually be Time, For this sort of beta to work, You'd need time to set everything in place, time to hype the beta, Time to get it going, Time to get feedback from it, And time to implement that feedback. That much time, to me, sounds like 3-6 months.
I don't think ANY sort of beta is possible unless decides against launching this winter.

Also, I realize how Crazy/radical/bold a move like this would be. Which is why I am writing a thread, and not a letter to HVS :p
But its also the reason why I want to hear what you would think if HVS were to do such a thing. :)

User Info: Z1LVER12

6 years ago#3
I want a beta :D

User Info: Brownprouder23

6 years ago#4
Unfortunately, at the rate things are going so far, I don't believe even the slightest fragment of what you said will become a reality. I highly doubt HVS is going to go through any sort of trouble for a beta at this point.

Of course, this is just my speculation. I have no way of knowing for sure.

User Info: ryudo_dragoon

6 years ago#5
What again is stopping hackers from distributing it?

I doubt a beta would be released but it would be awesome.
"I have absolutely no idea how to even remotely respond to this thread.
Congrats on making my brain explode." - HVS Tony

User Info: Z1LVER12

6 years ago#6
Dude i like what you posted It would be awesome if they did that :D

User Info: tconslayer

6 years ago#7

Yea a beta would be cool like the online multiplayer and splitscreen would be fine for me.

One man is all it takes...

User Info: Simok123

6 years ago#8
they said they want to finish the game and not have a beta.

User Info: ghrrc

6 years ago#9
Some of the things you guys come up with are just hilarious.


6 years ago#10
Its kinda annoying when someone just posts their opinion without any sort of reasoning to go with it....
Opinion's are pretty much useless without them.
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