First Wii game where sniper is competitive?

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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

6 years ago#51
- I was proven wrong, sniping was made competitive in moh and just tossed aside for a good 3 years on Wii, I still hope to have a sniper in Conduit 2 usable in competition

Acog sniping wasn't bad in CoD4, and I heard sniping worked in WaW. If assault rifles at extreme ranges count, there's that, too.
Also, The Conduit had a pretty effective sniper rifle.

- Halo's sniper is competitive. It may be broken, overpowered, but it is used in COMPETITION therefore making it COMPETITIVE. That is like saying MP40 wasn't a competitive weapon in WaW.

It wasn't. It was anticompetitive. Broken, even.

- Red steel wasn't online so that doesn't count

Street Fighter 3 wasn't online. Is there no competition in that game now?

- Conduit 1 didn't have a sniper, don't call the strike rifle a sniper, if anything if you would want to compare it to CoD or something (even though it's not comparable), I'd say it's an assault rifle.

Not in any way, shape, or form. It's a mixture of a weak semi-auto rifle with a travel time, and a powerful but slow sniper. Not at all like an assault rifle. The SCAR is an assault rifle. The Strike Rifle is quite clearly a proper rifle.

- Sniping in MoH looks bad and stuff, even though it was usable in wars. A large amount of youtube media is sniping montages, and there's no Wii game that fits into these range of videos (waw, lag shooting, mwr bad sniping and lag shooting on top of it, moh, lag shooting, no bullet penetration). I kinda drifted off into another discussion of the sniper in this topic wondering if you guys thought it would be the first wii game that was montage-suitable for sniping, comparing it to a 360/PC player.

There's no good montages of anything on Wii. It doesn't have a proper capture device, and the competitive community around Nintendo WiFi has always been a joke.
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User Info: SupahShnipa

6 years ago#52
and the competitive community around Nintendo WiFi has always been a joke.

I have yet to run into a clan with good sportsmanship. Also, 95% of the clans suck.
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User Info: halbedier22

6 years ago#53
Flawless and his friends made some sick montages.

What do you mean there's no good way to capture Wii video?

and no good clans? lol @ your ignorance

this is the most fanboy infested board on I've ever been to. pfft.
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User Info: halbedier22

6 years ago#54
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