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User Info: RyokoWins

6 years ago#31
I don't think the HVS counts as a new weapon since it was in The Conduit, even if it wasn't available in multiplayer.

/wishful thinking.
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User Info: ECSit3

6 years ago#32
Can i sue HV if my ear's split?
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User Info: Z1LVER12

6 years ago#33
"players can battle on 12 fun-filled maps with some returning fan-favorites from the first game"
-"some" returning fan favorites, does that mean, not just 2 returning?

and I hope those Invasion Maps are HUGE because it's just 3

User Info: bladester15

6 years ago#34
"I hope that means 18 new weapons in addition to the old 18. One thing I didn't enjoy too much about the first game was its small arsenal. CoD managed to have tons of weapons, I don't see why C2 wouldn't be able to also."
The creators of CoD also didnt have to make up their own weapons, but yeah, more guns would be nice.

and only 12 maps, I thought they said they were going to have at least 15?
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